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The paradigm behind database hosting solutions is incredible when thinking about how far database website hosting has come since the Internet opened its doors decades ago. More websites are using content management solutions like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and others to create dynamically driven end-user content. With energetic business efforts comes the need for only the best database hosting, which not only hosts their web presence, but illuminates their very existence. With current demand for secure, fast, and reliable database hosting solutions rising to epic proportions, we now revisit some vital areas all database web hosting providers need to pay attention to, and why.

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HIPAA Compliance

Considering numerous laws regarding patient information have been enacted, businesses who warehouse patient notes, personal contact information, and anything related to confidentiality of patients is closely monitored; therefore, database website hosting companies are now required to be certified to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards or simply stop their website operations. Since some of the best database hosting companies have received their certification, this indemnifies their place amongst the top echelon of hosting companies. Should your firm shop for database web hosting for patient record collection, you definitely need to assure they’re HIPAA compliant before committing to purchase their services.

Datacenter Security

Without secure datacenters, identity thieves or general scoundrels can infiltrate servers and steal private credit card, address, and social security numbers of customers, causing lawsuits and business closure. Without having proper data security implementation, even the best database hosting organizations could succumb to being shut down by libel, theft, or other customer complaints to FTC officials. Therefore, it would behoove your business to call and query the salesperson about their information solvency and how they implement security measures within their datacenter confines. This vital step coincides with HIPAA compliance since theft of medical records could cost your company a lawsuit if the perpetrator isn’t apprehended. Database website hosting may seem innocent, yet security breaches cost your business unneeded negative exposure which could’ve been alleviated at the source.

Cloud Capabilities

Many applications are being built off cloud platforms which start with cloud-based database web hosting. Cloud applications will drive future websites, information collection, and even payment processing because cloud services are seamless and accessible on the go to cater to our fast-paced lifestyles. Having the proper database website hosting solutions in place to propagate secure cloud services begins by selecting companies capable of hosting data on the cloud. Some of the best database hosting businesses have already turned their datacenters over to cloud computing and have full capacities in place to allow dynamic database driven websites to fully operate on the cloud.


Although smaller Internet-based businesses will rely on MySQL database web hosting solutions for their content management needs, other applications may need implementation down the road if the business decides to expand its operations. Therefore, having varieties in available database configurations should be what new business consumers look for. DB2 and Oracle are also behind many attractive business websites and should be an available configuration that database hosting centers are prepared to offer new customers.

PCI Compliance

Although credit card information can be encrypted across Internet connections to deter identity thieves, it doesn’t stop other server-side miscues from happening. Database web hosting that is Payment Card Industry, or PCI, compliant means that servers who store payment information are locked-down and cannot be accessed by thieves. This level of security on the back-end of database hosting applications can be displayed on your business shopping cart portal for customer protection and viability. This should be the major compliance component for storefronts who seek database website hosting to proliferate speedy yet secure connections to payment gateways. Most datacenters will have this level of compliance to avoid future litigations, should payment information become compromised.

Customer Service

Quality control begins with customer service interaction in every business; database hosting isn’t an exception to this major rule. Knowledgeable customer service personnel is of great importance to guide novice database web hosting proprietors through major connectivity issues, payment changes or problems, and even setting up applications on the backend. When searching for the best database hosting solutions for your company, it’s vital to see reviews other business professionals have given these companies in general. Unless you should feel the need to become victimized by terrible call-in support, it would benefit your long-term business goals to make customer service a top priority when deciding which database website hosting firm will receive your ongoing business.

Frequency of Backups

Since you’ll probably not have physical presence at your chosen database hosting center to backup files, you need to find the database website hosting business which offers frequent backups, preferably daily or every 12 hours, to protect your content and customer data. If storms ravage through your datacenter and knock several servers offline or even erase data, having tape backups of your valuable, and potentially expensive, website is vital and companies which only do weekly backups leave your data exposed to the unknown elements that life throws our way. Ask your potential database web hosting company the frequency of their data backups.

It’s Your Choice

Ultimately, the proprietary decision of who receives your database website hosting business resides within self-efficacy and business need. Since numerous compliances need to be considered when starting certain businesses, making sure the best database hosting firms have various components in place should be your ultimate goal before signing a database hosting contract.

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