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JSP or JavaServer Pages is a technology that allows software developers to create web pages through dynamic generation. These dynamically generated web pages are based on frameworks such as XML and HTML. JSP uses the programming language Java and was released in 1999. Today, all web pages created using JSP need a platform that supports its components. Since more and more web developers choose JSP to develop web pages, the demand for web hosting companies supporting web pages developed through JSP is also increasing. If you too are wondering which JSP web hosting sites are the best, keep reading.

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Important Factors

We researched how many websites were providing their customers with JSP hosting services. After we did find them, we carefully analyzed the features each website had. Customers of each of these websites were also contacted to gauge the quality of their customer service. Some of the factors that we stressed on when creating the list of best JSP hosting websites include:

Reliability – If there is one factor that reigns supreme and overshadows all others, it is that of reliability. Hosting websites serve major clients. These clients have users that depend on them for various purposes, such as sharing data, social networking, and viewing content. If these websites face downtime or any other sort of mishap, they lose the trust of their visitors. Hence, the factor that counts as the most important is reliability. And it can be promised only by those web hosting companies which have proved their excellence in the past.

Price – In such times of economic turmoil, increasing business operation costs and price conscious customers, pricing is a very important factor. To keep prices low, businesses try to cut their costs as much as possible. Hence, the best hosting websites are those that offer clients smart prices. There are a number of affordable hosting websites that are excellent from the technological aspect, but have great prices to offer too. You can choose the package you want according to your needs so that you aren’t being overcharged and can bring the costs of your business down. Saving money on hosting doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of hosting you enjoy. The best hosting websites online charge a nominal fee for their services, but don’t dip their quality.

Disk Space – Organizations grow and so do their websites. Once a JSP website is launched on the Internet, it may grow in the future. Such growth requires more bandwidth that can be provided by the service that hosts such a website. Unless and until the JSP hosting company provides the package which is required for the website, based on its size, the website is likely to go down. If there is one thing customers hate, it is website downtime, which could drive away potential customers. Therefore, selecting JSP hosts that provide you sufficient disk space is the best way to ensure your website stays online 24/7.

Bandwidth – For most major websites, bandwidth is a very important factor. The greater the bandwidth, the faster the browsing speed is for users. For example, Google searches through its indexes and produces thousands of results within a few microseconds. It is able to do so because of great bandwidth. Different hosting services offer packages to their clients that differ in their bandwidths. The greater your bandwidth is, the more you would have to pay for it. Given the fact that having a website online round the clock could boost your business substantially, it is a cost you should be willing to pay. Make sure the package you select from a JSP hosting company offers sufficient bandwidth in case your website gets more visitors than normal.

Customer Support – No service is complete without customer support. It comes into play where clients may feel the need to seek help regarding a technical or service related issue. The JSP website hosting services that we have added to our list have a variety of customer support options by means of mail, telephone, and chat. Regardless of how good and experienced a JSP host is, technical glitches and issues cannot be completely eliminated. Through no fault of the client or the host, there could some problems in the network causing the website to go down. In that case, you need to be able to contact the service provider to ensure your website’s downtime is minimized. Only JSP hosting companies that have effective customer support are able to keep their customers satisfied.

These are some of the criteria that make a JSP hosting service provider a great choice for your website. Don’t compromise on quality or cost as the choice of host you make could determine whether or not your website remains online most of the time. So, if your business has a website developed in JSP, start looking for a hosting company to keep it online.

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