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Network Solutions Review

When you’re building a website or blog, one of the most important decisions you have to make is which web hosting service provider you’re going to use. With the right web hosting provider as your partner, you can reach the goals you’ve created for your website. Let’s look at Network Solutions and whether it’s the right web host for you.

Network Solutions is a part of Newfold Digital, a company that also owns Bluehost, Crazy Domains, HostGator, and other website service providers. The key goal of Newfold Digital is to help individuals and businesses build a digital presence that brings value to their audience.

Network Solutions offers several web hosting plans, in addition to website builders, eCommerce builders, Google Workspace, trademark protection, and email and productivity solutions. It’s designed for beginners, personal websites, freelancers, and small business owners with many different package tiers. Depending on your needs, Network Solutions can be the all-in-one solution for small businesses and their digital presence requirements. 

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Network Solutions Plans & Pricing (2022)

Network Solutions offers a wide range of services, including domain-related services, email and productivity tools, online marketing solutions, IT services, and security solutions. In this review, we’ve focused on the following services:

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • DIY Website Builder
  • SSL Certificates

Shared Hosting

Network Solutions offers several plans for shared web hosting, ideal for beginners or those building a new website. It’s an economical option for users that can share the server with many other websites. Network Solutions promises reliable uptime as files are stored across multiple servers. In addition, there are a number of features such as CodeGuard, SiteLock, SSL Certificate, and live technical support. Network Solutions also conducts daily malware scans and timely removal.

Network Solutions offers four different plans for Shared Hosting: 

  • Starter at $5.69/month, which is designed for people just starting in the digital space 
  • Essential at $9.69/month, which is for personal websites
  • Professional at $15.78/month, which is specifically for entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Premium at $21.62/month, which is designed for small business owners

The differences in each plan are the amount of disk space, number of websites, and number of email inboxes. All four plans come with free business LLC formation, which is helpful to have if you’re a new blogger or business. 

WordPress Hosting

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For WordPress users that want optimized performance and the fastest page load times possible, Network Solutions’ WordPress hosting plans are a great option. Network Solutions notes that their page load times are twice as fast as their competitors. With this service, no web development experience is required as thousands of free themes and plugins are available to choose from.

There are three different WordPress Hosting Plans with Network Solutions: 

  • WordPress for Entrepreneurs at $7.99/month
  • WordPress for a Growing Business at $13.98/month
  • WordPress for Professionals at $18.98/month

The amount of storage increases with each tier of WordPress Hosting Plans, as does the number of email inboxes and the number of WordPress sites you can build. SSL is included with the WordPress for a Growing Business and WordPress for Professionals plans but not with the WordPress for Entrepreneurs plan.

DIY Website Builder

If you want to build your website and host it with the same provider, go with the DIY Website Builder tool with Network Solutions. Not only does it come with a free domain name, but the website builder tool is easy to use with an intuitive interface. A stock image library is also included, with over two million royalty-free images to choose from. The website builder comes with several industry-specific templates you can use as a starting point – and you have the option to build from scratch as well. Network Solutions also offers an eCommerce builder so you can sell products and accept payments.

There are no specific plans for the website builder alone – it all depends on what kind of hosting package you select. If you choose anything above a Starter level hosting plan, the free domain name is included. When you go the DIY design route with Network Solutions, they also include one free hour of design support from design professionals. The eCommerce website builder has three plan options: 

  • Starter for $7.95/month
  • Standard for $9.95/month 
  • Premium for $19.95/month

The number of products the site can support increases with each package, as does the number of email inboxes and bulk management features.

SSL Certificates

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Having an SSL certificate on the website is essential for bloggers and business owners who want to secure their target audience’s trust. Network Solutions offers several options for SSL certificates so that you can show a seal of approval and guarantee your website is safe for your visitors. The SSL certificates make browsing safe on wifi and public networks and protect your and your customers’ valuable information. 

Network Solutions offers six different SSL certificate options for websites:

  • The Xpress option is $59.99 per year for domain validation and offers a guarantee of $10,000. 
  • Basic is the recommended service from Network Solutions and costs $124.50 per year for organizational validation, with a guarantee of $50,000. 
  • The next level is the Advanced for $199.50 per year for full coverage organizational validation and a guarantee of $1 million. 
  • If you want the option for unlimited subdomains, you need the Wildcard for $579.00 per year and a guarantee of $1 million. The UCC is to validate multiple domains and costs $50.00 per year with a guarantee of $500,000. 
  • Lastly, the Extended offers more signs of security and costs $399.00 per year with a guarantee of $1 million.

Note that Network Solutions offers other plans and packages for services such as domain registration, email and productivity, security, IT services, and online marketing solutions not covered in this article. 

Pros & Cons


Dependable uptime

Helpful customer support

Money-back guarantee

Company longevity


Lack of VPS and dedicated servers

High domain pricing 

Key Takeaways

Network Solutions is a long-standing service provider that has been around for decades. It’s a reliable option for beginners to small businesses and offers several services and plans to meet your needs. The question isn’t really about whether it’s good or bad, but whether Network Solutions is right for you. Take a look at the services it offers and determine whether Network Solutions meets your needs now and in the future. 


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