5 Tips for Improving Your B2B Content Marketing Efforts

  • July 19, 2013

Even though the content marketing boom is in full swing, it’s understandable that not all small and medium-sized businesses have the time or the inclination to participate. However, content marketing can prove especially beneficial for B2B engagement. It’s a highly effective way to guide prospective leads through the marketing funnel.

Don’t get discouraged. You don’t have to spend countless hours and dollars on content marketing. Following these 5 key rules will get you on the right track.

1. Make content for your content. This may sound redundant, but we promise you it’s useful. When you’re sending out an eblast, send along a video in it as well. Certain customers want to engage with the content in a different way. Not everyone wants to read your email. Some may want to watch the video instead to get the same information.

2. Pay it forward. If you find something interesting in your RSS feeds, share it. Even if it doesn’t directly relate to your business, it’s nice to build contacts in all industries. They may return the favour and you may get access to a whole new demographic of potential customers.

3. Invite your customers to create content. Don’t feel like you have to create all of the content yourself. Find out what your customers have to say. They might have some content that you can use on your blog as a guest post, or they may have created a new video that you can share with your customers. Put the word out that you’re looking for engaging content, and see what comes in.

4. Reward your shares. If you’ve been seeing a lot of shares for your content, it’s time to reward the sharers. Sharing is caring, after all. Offer those that have shared your content something special. It doesn’t have to be monetary; sometimes a tweet and a thank you goes a long way.

5. Try something new each week. Don’t get in a content slump. Have you created a lot of infographics? Maybe try a video next week. Try out polls, slideshows, blog posts - the content possibilities are endless. By trying out different types of content, you can also learn a lot about your customers. If you posted a blog post one week and didn’t get any shares, but got several on the latest infographic, it could mean that your customers prefer a more visual form of content. Experiment - you’ll learn a lot about what your customers want.


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