5 reasons why you should write an online business plan

  • April 12, 2013

In the modern world of ecommerce, do we still need a business plan? The answer is STILL yes! A business plan is often created in order to secure funding, however its benefits are far greater.

While many companies prepare a plan solely to secure outside funding, it can also provide you with a roadmap into the future to grow and develop your online business. Here’s 5 very strong reasons to prepare a business plan:

  1. To secure financing
    Creating a business plan also helps you determine how much money you actually need. Unanticipated costs can sink a business so it is important to ask for enough funding to accommodate contingencies.

  2. To avoid costly mistakes
    A good business plan requires that you do some initial market research and helps you determine if your assumptions and revenue model is sound and even how long it will take for the company to become profitable.

  3. To set priorities
    A well rounded business plan provides guidance on day-to-day operations. It helps you visualize where the pitfalls are, what you need to focus on, in which order and in case of emergencies what would be your contingency.

  4. To establish business milestones
    The plan should clearly describe short and long-term achievements that will determine the extent of the success of your business.

  5. To create alignment among business owners
    If you have business partners, a business plan with input from all partners when the business is just starting ensures that everyone has the same vision about the endeavor.

What ever may the reason for your business plan, it is always a good idea to start from the basics and put a document together that will act as the blueprint for running your business. Read more on how to put together a sound business plan and what constitutes as a good plan.


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