Downloading Yahoo SiteBuilder for Windows 8

  • March 04, 2013

Yahoo! brings your Sitebuilder, a straightforward and easy to your HTML editor that allows your to create a web page without having to go through the rigours or learning how to write code or design templates. SiteBuilder offers users a way to create a Web page with straightforward What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editing tools.

For those that are looking for an alternate solution for their website building needs, Yahoo!SiteBuilder is a free, downloadable application that you can install in Windows 8. Once your web page has been created, you can easily publish the page to your website with a click of a button.

NOTE: The Yahoo! Sitebuilder is only available to customers of Yahoo! Web Hosting

Steps to install the Sitebuilder on your Yahoo! Web Hosting account:

  1. Open your favorite Web browser, then navigate to the Yahoo SiteBuilder download page (see Resources).

  2. Click the button labeled “Download Now - Free.” The page refreshes to the Yahoo login page.

  3. Log in to your Yahoo account with your Yahoo user ID and password. The File Download dialog box opens.

  4. Click the “Save As” or “Save” button in the dialog box, and then select a location where the installation file will be saved. Click “Save.” The YSitebuilder.exe file is saved to your hard drive.

  5. Double-click on the YSitebuilder.exe file. The User Account Control dialog box opens.

  6. Click “Yes” to authorize the application installation. The Welcome screen is displayed.

  7. Click “Next,” then click the “I Agree” option to agree to the Terms of Service. The Choose Features screen is displayed.

  8. Select the features to implement along with the SiteBuilder app. You can install the Yahoo Toolbar and make Yahoo your default home page from the Choose Features screen. Click the “Next” button once your features are selected.

  9. Click the “Finish” button. Yahoo SiteBuilder is installed and ready to use. The icon for the Yahoo SiteBuilder is placed on the Windows 8 desktop. Click the icon to launch the application.


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