Essential Web Design Blogs and Tutorials for Beginners

  • September 06, 2013

Being new to web hosting and web design can be a little overwhelming for most people. It is a whole new world of terms, definitions, and language you may not have previously been aware of. Like most things foreign to someone, the best way to get familiar with the topic is to read up on it, and of course, practicing the teachings!

Listed below are web design resources any beginner should be familiar with:

Wordpress is easily one of the largest website tools available free on the internet. The majority of blogs run some form of Wordpress, and it is more commonly used than other applications, with the top 100 blog sites to date. With such a following behind Wordpress, it is easy to see why there are tons of sites dedicated to supporting it., however, stands out from other sites for those who are just getting started. The articles and language is easy to follow, not to mention they actually cover the basics.

How to install WebMaster Tools: is another excellent resource for those just getting their feet wet with web design, specifically those on the “Blogger” platform. They have lots of free templates to use, not to mention premium ones. Blogger tutorials, tools, and even a forum section where you can ask questions you can’t seem to find the answers to are just some of their other features.

How to reduce bounce rate:

Here is another site I enjoy frequenting for new design content. Design shack has articles that can be a little more advanced in nature but it is still a good source to familiarize yourself with design terms. They also speak on different trends happening in the industry and it might give you ideas of what you would like to learn in the future.

10 design terms you should know:

As the name implies, Template Monster is a site where you can find thousands of pre-made templates, that you can use to kickstart your web design. They have everything from blog templates, to e-commerce, to corporate design, and even Facebook layouts. Although it’s more of a template site - rather than design - they offer up great tips to tweak your pages and get the most out of your template or web design.

Wordpress tutorials for designers:

The final site I would like to make mention of in this article is the Unlike the other ones previously mentioned, this site does not have an active blog that is useful, but rather an abundance of resources and tutorials to help you learn on your own. They have walkthroughs for HTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML, and Web Building. If you are more of a DIY person, this is where you should start.

Learn to create websites:

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