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  • October 22, 2014

We’re extremely excited to announce that we will soon have presence on the brand new .host TLD! 

Under a very special Pioneer program by the .HOST Registry, we were one of the very few select companies in the world to get priority access to the namespace and to be able to use our domain assets on our industry’s very own TLD. Because we live, breathe, sleep, and work hosting, we are very happy to be Pioneers on .host.

We believe that the launch of .host is a remarkable milestone for our hosting community. We now have a common signature that our customers can instantly identify.

We’ve seen a lot of buzz around the TLD across the industry, and it’s not surprising. .HOST has spent a lot of time and effort marketing their TLD. They’ve been at all top conferences like WHD and ICANN over the past two years. They are serious about making the TLD successful and usable, and that’s a good sign.

When you know that a revolution is inevitable, it only makes sense to be a part of it. The .host TLD is well on its way to becoming the default TLD for the hosting community.

Top 5 reasons to get on a .HOST:

  1. Instant Recognition: A .host extension speaks loud and clear about your focus and specialization

  2. Better Categorization: A .host clearly categorizes and identifies you as a hosting company

  3. Improved Search Rankings: A more relevant domain name improves your search rankings and allows for better brand visibility

  4. Shorter, more Memorable Names: .host allows your industry to be a part of your TLD so you can have a shorter name for your website

  5. More Credibility to Your Brand: A .host name signifies that you are a member of the global hosting community, automatically lending you more credibility

Stay tuned here, on Hosting Review’s News page for updates, or on our Social Media pages (Twitter & Facebook), so you can get your presence on a .host domain!



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