How to Pick Colors for your eCommerce Site

  • June 18, 2013

Most web merchants rely on web designers to select the colours for their website. However, picking colors for a website can be described as a science. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing colours for your website.

Using the basics of colour psychology can help you select the combination that can win over your customer. Here are 4 things to consider when choosing colours for your website:

  1. Use Color Psychology to your Advantage
    Develop an understanding of which feelings and emotions different colors evoke. Every color has some common interpretations, however these may also change between cultures and contexts.

  2. Use Appropriate Colors for your Market and Products
    Some colors may be more appropriate for luxury products while others are more appropriate for sporting goods. Color psychology, while not an exact science, can leverage the behavior and navigation in general of your website.

  3. Use the Isolation Effect
    Also known as the “von Restorff effect”, states that an item — in this case a color — that stands out is more likely to be memorable. For example, if someone looks through sentence in a paragraph of words typed in black with one word highlighted in red, the red word will most likely be remembered more than black ones.

  4. Choose a Background Color
    Whites and light grays are best for backgrounds as they provide a natural contrast for most colors without being distracting. Most online stores use a light shade for their backgrounds.

Read more about how to pick colors for your eCommerce site and also examples of some famous brands, and let us know how you picked the colors for your website in the comments below.


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