How to Purchase a Domain Name

  • August 21, 2013

Domain names such as and are available for purchase from several web hosting companies, website services, and registrars. Of course those two examples are far from available, but there are still a lot of great domain names on the market - one of which will be perfect for your business. Whether a domain name is already owned or not doesn’t affect whether it’s available for purchase - it depends on if the owner wants to sell it.

Your business’ domain name is like your calling card. It’s a symbol of your identity. It should be memorable and it should reflect your brand. Ideally, it has the name of your business in it.

Figuring out the name you want

These days your domain name has a direct effect on how easily searchable you site will be, so it’s important to put thought into the domain you want. If you decide to change web hosts, you can take your domain with you. It’s essentially your signature for as long as you want it to be, so it’s important you select a strong domain name from the start.

Your domain name gives your business credibility and authority. Think about it - would you go to a business website that didn’t look like they owned a domain name that reflected their business? You might be inclined to think it was a spam or virus.

In addition, if you ever plan on having any third party advertisements on your website, you’ll want to own a domain name that reflects your business, as this gives an aura of respectability and is sure to attract potential advertisers.

Seeing if your domain name is available

Once you’ve decided on a few options for the domain name you want, you need to see if your domain name is available for purchase. You can type your options into your web browser. If the name is available, you’ll see a message telling you so.

You can also go to a website that sells domain names. We strongly recommend you check out the web hosts that we list on our Top 10 page. Any of them will be able to tell you which domains you can purchase.

Buying a new domain name

If the domain name you’ve selected isn’t currently owned by anyone, it’s considered a new domain name. Because it’s not currently owned, there is a good chance it will be cheaper than a previously owned domain name. Of course, the price will depend on the actual name and the strength of the keywords in the name.

Buying an existing domain name

In some cases, the domain name you really want will already be owned by someone else. These can be open to sale, or not - it really depends on the owner. There are a number of services that will offer a list of existing domains and will give you the opportunity to bid on them or buy them directly. There really isn’t a mathematical formula or scientific method for determining the price of a domain name. You should determine what you’re willing to pay based on how important that name is to your business and your online marketing strategy.

Once you’ve decided on the name you want, don’t procrastinate. I’ve heard lots of horror stories where people have found the perfect domain name for their business, and it’s available for purchase. They dilly-dally around buying it, only to find out it’s too late! Somebody else has snatched up the name and isn’t willing to sell it. Don’t let that happen to you. When you find the perfect name for your business, jump on it. You don’t know how many other people are also vying for that name.

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