Linux Web Hosting vs Windows Web Hosting

  • January 14, 2013

When setting up a new website, the choice between web hosting has always been between Windows and Linux. While in the past there were large differences between these two, in recent years Linux has evolved to be more user friendly. Now you even have graphical control panels, similar to that of Windows, to remove some of the complexity that we saw before.

Here’s a few details that you need to account for before choosing the type you need:

Accessing account
Access is usually provided via a control panel or through an FTP session for both types of servers. The control panels these days are usually graphical user interface (GUI), even with Linux systems. The control panel minimizes the differences between accessing the servicer, regardless of the operating system.

Technologies supported
Both Windows and Linux web hosting packages typically have support for PHP, MySQL and other open source web development technologies. Your website has certain needs and if your website requires Microsoft's proprietary technology, then you will need a Windows host.

Linux is open source and is free to download and use whereas Windows is proprietary, which means that the hosting company had to pay for the operating system. This could result in a higher cost for windows hosting but most web hosts have comparable pricing structures based on features offered.

Down time
Linux has a an excellent reputation for being more stable and having less downtime than Windows. This is because a lot of tasks that Windows requires a reboot for can be performed on Linux without rebooting the system. This means web hosts can perform maintenance and updates on the server without it being down. However, Windows can stay live longer  without requiring maintenance compared to Linux based servers. On the other hand, Windows operating systems are the most vulnerable to malware and hack attacks - a lot more than Linux. This results in unwanted downtime as well.

We know choosing a web host is not an easy task let alone decide on the kind of hosting that you need. Unless you are looking to use a specific Windows proprietary technology, the choice between a Windows web host and a Linux web host is a personal one, with each offering its own advantages and disadvantages.

You can learn more about the variances and about how to make a choice when it comes time for you to build your own website.


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