Meta Title: Microsoft’s Shows How Small Businesses Loose Money Using Non Technical Employees

  • May 02, 2013

Microsoft has recently completed a study that shows small to medium-sized businesses, which have IT managers without technical backgrounds, are losing over $24 billion in productivity costs annually.

Many small to medium-sized businesses have a small budget for IT support, so they leave the responsibility of managing their technology to the person who is the most tech-savvy. This “solution” ends up leaving the company in a vulnerable situation if the IT manager is unable to effectively manage a threat or cyberattack.

There are a couple solutions small to medium-sized companies have to alleviate the problem. One is to enroll their IT managers in cybersecurity courses, providing them with the proper knowledge to manage attacks. Another is to switch to a cloud service provider which monitors cybersecurity threats and relieves security issues, allowing small to medium-sized IT managers to rest a little easier at night.


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