Moving to the Cloud? Here’s What You Need to Know

  • October 16, 2013

More and more companies are moving to the cloud. With cloud technology, data isn’t stored in a physical location. Instead, it’s stored virtually which allows it to not be affected by situations such as natural disasters. Many businesses are switching to the cloud since it’s safe and cost effective.

For some companies, switching to the cloud seems like a way to start fresh with no problems, but then when problems do arise they are caught off-guard. To avoid this, here are 3 points to keep in mind when moving to the cloud.

1. Problems can transfer to the cloud
If any applications are having issues before the migration to the cloud, then it’s very likely that these problems will continue to occur when you make the move. To avoid this, fix any issues beforehand. If you don’t, you are just moving the problem over to the cloud where it will continue to be an issue until it is dealt with.

2. You still need IT
Switching over to the cloud still requires a lot of configuration and management. You will still need an IT team to help migrate and run your applications in the cloud. Unfortunately, not all cloud providers offer this type of help.

3. Research providers that meet your needs
Understanding your needs and what you are looking for in a cloud provider will help you find the one that is best for your company. Do you need a provider that will perform backups or will you be doing that on your own? Will you need support with hardware and OS issues or will you need application support? Ask these types of questions to determine which provider you should go with.

These are just some of the many points you must keep in mind when migrating to the cloud. To avoid many issues that can happen, make sure to do extensive planning and research before you make your move to the cloud.

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