New value-added service: Domain dialing through cPanel

  • August 26, 2013

Siter announced on Monday that it has released its cPanel plugin.

Siter is the only app that allows smartphone users to make a phone call through a domain name or email instead of using a phone number. It allows you to use any top-level-domain as a phone number. That means no more searching for a contact phone number and for a business a simple way for customers to contact with them. It is always easier to remember a domain name than a phone number.

Siter is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry10 and Windows Mobile and is free to download. Registrars and host companies are welcome to integrate through Siter's Partner-API or cPanel plugin, to offer the Siter - domain dialing feature to your full customer base.

The Siter cPanel plugin is available to any web host at no charge, and Siter has a very fair offer to all Registrars and Host companies, 50/50 revenue share policy to all recurring payments.

For those who use cPanel+WHM as a control panel, the integration is hassle free. Once a hosting company installs the plugin, customers can click on the Siter – domain dialing icon in their cPanel account and begin assigning phone numbers to their domain names. To assign one phone number to a domain name is free but to assign multiple phone numbers, upload a logo, or use the geolocation service, these are paid services.

Example of multiple phone numbers under a domain name with geolocation:

Siter works with all top-level-domains and all NewTLD’s: .com, .net, .org, .de, .jp, .cn, .co, etc.
Domain dialing is a unique value-added service that can be a true differentiator, creates a new use for domain names and becomes an additional selling point to registrants.

More Information:
More information on partnering with Siter:
More information about the Siter - domain dialing plugin for cPanel:
Domain dialing video for partners:

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