Online Security Threats While Vacationing

  • July 12, 2013

In the summer months it’s no surprise that people want to enjoy the weather as much as they can, usually taking vacations and spending time away from home. It’s during these months people tend to be a little more carefree and a little less uptight about the things happening around them. It is precisely this reason why online scammers are as vigilant as ever, trying (and often succeeding) to dupe unsuspecting people with online fraud.

Little do people know, the travelling vacationer is one of the most susceptible groups to target over the summer. Kaspersky Lab - an online security company - recently released an infographic stating 7 common pitfalls that the summer traveller is prone to fall victim to with online fraud. I wouldn’t say all 7 are as likely to happen so I will only cover the most pertinent ones.

  • Malicious travel and phishing emails - they usually offer up door-crashing deals but only for a limited time. There are legitimate sites out there with great deals, so just be vigilant in knowing which company it is and try finding that same deal from the company page. Make sure you’re not being lead to an unsecure third party site.
  • Frequent flyer mile theft - avoid clicking on links that “connect” directly to your account. Trusted rewards programs will land you on their website and ask for login information from a secure page like
  • Vacational rental scams - be sure to call the property owners to verify contact information and always use a credit card when paying so you can dispute payment if fraud occurs. All too often scammers will pose as property owners, take deposits, and then are never to be seen again.

Now these all may seem like very easy mistakes to avoid, but when your mind is on vacation you may miss the subtle things right in front you.


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