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  • May 15, 2015 has launched an easy-to-use and fully-loaded method of finding the hosting services and hosting providers that you need. There are thousands upon thousands of shared hosting, virtual private hosting and dedicated hosting service providers available today, all with different features and different costs. It can be almost impossible for anyone, from the standard hobbyist consumer to the major corporation, to find the hosting service that is ideal for them.

Run a Simple, Fast Hosting Search

Rather than having to sift through dozens, hundreds or even thousands of provider websites, you get all of the information that you need delivered directly to you. Look for shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting or anything in between and get back the results that actually matter. If you've tried sifting through the web results for a hosting provider lately, you know that there are tons of hosts out there and that it can be extremely difficult to compare.

"There are many ways you can research web hosts online, but so much of the information you come across isn’t objective or very useful. We wanted to do things differently on our site," says Hartland Ross of "Our goal with has been to create a tool that makes things easier for businesses looking for the right web host. The search parameters are in-depth to make the best matches possible and the search results are based on best fit rather than ad spend or listing fees.”

Compare Based on Specific Features

If you know exactly what you need in a hosting solution, use SearchHostingVendors to find those precise features. Do you need unlimited MySQL databases? Unlimited space? Unlimited bandwidth? Or maybe you're searching specifically for a virtual private server? Or maybe your company just wants to go green? SearchHostingVendors makes it easy to look at only the hosting services that provide features that meet your unique needs. Otherwise you could find yourself having to sift through the list of seemingly endless choices by yourself.

Find Hosting Services With Good Reputations

Did you know that almost anyone can set up a web host? You never know whether your hosting service is being run out of a state-of-the-art colocation service or someone's basement... at least, not without comprehensive reviews. Through SearchHostingVendors, you can get the information that you need to make an informed choice. It's not just a question about service - though that's important, too - it's a question of security. If your host isn't the best host out there, your data (and by association your client's data) could be vulnerable.

Everyone today has live tech support, chat and email, so it can be impossible to tell the true quality of a hosting service's customer service without looking at customer reviews and testimonials.

Stay Within Your Hosting Budget

The price of hosting can be increasingly complicated to compare because you're almost always comparing apples to oranges. Is the hosting service green? How much uptime does the hosting service report? Does the hosting service support multiple domains? And how is its tech support? All of this is rolled into the hosting service's price, but that's not all.

Many hosting services also offer account credits such as AdWords credits and they often have promotional prices, which change after the first one, three or six months. There are also promotions being run constantly that alter the base price of packages. It can be a confusing mess, especially to someone new to the search for web hosting! SearchHostingVendorsmakes it easy to find the right hosting package for your budget because it only returns the appropriate hosts.

Get the Hosting Service Right for You

SearchHostingVendors is all about giving you exactly what you need without any complications or distractions. You can get an unbiased report on all of the hosting vendors that meet your criteria, and easily scan through the differences between these hosting solutions. It’s a one stop shop for all of your hosting service needs; it’s as simple as a search.

There are many sites out there that promote web hosting services, but they usually only promote the top ten out there - and that might not be enough to get you exactly what you want.

SearchHostingVendors will crawl the web and find you all of the great hosting options - so that you don't have to.

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