Ways to Build Links in Boring Industries

  • January 07, 2014

Let’s face it, some industries are simply classified as “boring”. If you’re in charge of creating content to boost your visibility, it can be a daunting task to make it seem interesting. Well, you’re in luck – we’ve got three great tips on how you can generate link-building opportunities for any industry, even the boring ones!

Tip 1: Know that Google is your friend.
Sometimes jobs are boring and a boring job in a boring industry to some can be near soul-destroying. Before you throw your computer out the window because you can’t find anything interesting about your industry, do a Google News search. You’ll be surprised what comes up - yes, a lot of it will be quite banal, but keep digging and you’ll usually find some interesting topics that you can use to build links. For example, say you work in the soap dispenser market – not too exciting (sorry to burst your bubble) – but after doing a quick Google News search, you might see that some soap dispensers are in the news for causing dirtier hands after washing. Depending on which side of the market you’re on this could be good or bad news, but regardless, it’s great link-building content. When building links, it comes down to more than just having an appealing product or service; sometimes you simply have to make what you have appear more interesting than it is.

Tip 2: Learn from others.
While you should already be keeping an eye on your competition, they might not have anything exciting going on either. It is, however, worth taking a note from those companies that are interesting. How do they reach their audience, and how can you apply it to your industry? Many companies are using infographics to display interesting facts. Take some stats on hand-washing, bacteria, and proper hygiene and you’re sure to be able to create an interesting infographic that makes for great link building. Now, how do you get it out to an audience that doesn’t really care? Learn from others – look at companies that are making it in the media despite their low popularity and do a link analysis. You’ll discover who is linking to them, and you might be able to work your way into any niche markets they have, increasing your likelihood of building links.

Tip 3: Piggyback on something interesting.
Sometimes all it takes is finding the right story to piggyback on and you’ll be part of all the hype in the media. Think of major events happening and how they can relate to your brand. A great example is Oreo’s tweet during the blackout at the Superbowl stating: “you can still dunk in the dark”.  The tweet went viral and stole the show from other advertisers.  While companies pay millions (Oreo being one of them) to air commercials during the superbowl, one tweet can attract just as much attention. This isn’t to say your “boring” industry will have that kind of success. But when you find links between your industry and major events, the possibilities increase so that you can get more exposure and increase your link-building opportunities.

The key is that while not all industries are exciting, you can find exciting parts of your industry and that’s what you need to make the most of. With a little research, competitive analysis, and clever piggybacking, even boring industries can discover interesting ways to generate content for link building.


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