What to Do When You’ve Been Hacked

  • November 26, 2013

As much as we would like to see it disappear, cybercrime is not going away. Not only do hackers try to get the personal information of individuals but they also weave their way through business websites. These types of websites are prime targets since criminals not only get the personal information of the business itself, but they can gain access to the information of the customers the business deals with as well.

We always hear about how to prevent cyber attacks but what should your business do if its site has been hacked?

Well first of all, do not wait around! Take action right away after a hacking has occurred. Your business and its site are in a vulnerable position so sitting on it will only make the situation worse.

You should then assess the situation by investigating what information has been compromised and what could have gone wrong. Customers must be notified about the security breach so that they aware of the situation and the possibility of their information being compromised.

The authorities should be on your list of people to contact next after you have reached out to your customers. Even though it is challenging for them to trace the hackers, authorities should still be made aware of the situation, especially in identity theft cases.

Finally, weaknesses in your site should be identified. It’s critical to find out where the hackers were able to gain access to the information. It may be due to an outdated firewall, a non-secure wireless network, or many other reasons. Identifying the problem will help prevent another attack from happening again as well as installing and updating antivirus software and firewall protection and changing passwords frequently.

Laura P.
Social Media and Online Marketing Enthusiast


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