With Email, One Size Does Not Fit All

  • April 19, 2013

According to a report by Experian Marketing Services, 70% of brands surveyed say they do not personalize email messages sent to their subscribers. Sending generic emails may be easier than taking the time to send personalized content to every client, but taking the easy way out may be having a negative effect on email open rates for some companies.

Taking the time to customize emails can pay off in the long run given that emails with personalized subject lines saw a 29% open rate compared to 23% for emails without personalization.

Companies that have a broad range of customers may find it difficult to personalize emails. This is where technology from CQuotient can help. They are a hyper-personalized email marketing company that helps companies tailor emails based on a client's behaviour. Companies can collect data such as the purchase history and browsing behaviour of a customer to generate emails that feature products and services that may interest that customer.

But more data doesn’t mean more emails. Flooding a customers inbox can have negative consequences in the form of unsubscribes and decreased customer engagement. The key is to ensure that valuable content is being offered on a consistent basis without overloading a customers inbox.


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