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Squarespace Review

Anthony Casalena started it all when his attempt to publish an elegantly designed website led to the creation of a site-building software that now is known as Squarespace Platform in 2003. To date, Squarespace has powered tens of thousands of websites for clients of all sorts including professionals and personal bloggers. Timelessness, creativity and customer delight are the core values of the company. These values have been delivered so well that publications such as the Washington Post, the Financial Times, Business Week, TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal have recognized Squarespace as a recommendable service provider.

Squarespace is quick and easy to use website building software. It has a vast library of templates for users and allows users to even build forms on their web pages. It also provides built in website analytics for the admin to receive basic information regarding traffic to and from their websites. Squarespace incorporates drag and drop controls, giving users an easy way to make changes to navigation and content placement. “Rapid on-site editing” allows the admin to make changes themselves without having to call your web designer.

Squarespace hosting review

Squarespace Plans & Pricing (2022)

The company offers two different packages:

  • Standard package starts at $8 per month
  • Unlimited package starts at $16 per month

Feature Set

Squarespace feature set

There are various features that make site building a special experience for the users of Squarespace. They include the following.

  • Design benefits
  • Site structuring and coding
  • The Blog module includes search engine optimization, anti-spam, podcasting and more blogging features
  • Photo gallery module
  • A Custom search engine can be included on websites
  • Detailed web site analytics system includes user-friendly statistics about your website RSS subscriber, Google PageRank and Referrers and Query tracking features
  • The Data collection module includes 15 different types of fields. It is compatible with Microsoft Excel and configured to send and receive emails
  • Reliability of architecture
  • Flexible pricing


Templates squarespace review

Templates heavily contribute to websites’ effectiveness. Hence Squarespace provides all the right options so clients can create the best templates for their websites. Some of the options available to them for template building are:

  • 100% Customization
  • "Point and Click" visual design
  • Drop down menus
  • Top and bottom navigation
  • 1, 2 and 3 column layouts
  • More than 85 styles by brand name designers

Customer Support

The company’s first priority is its customers. Hence, there is more than enough support to answer their questions. Unlike other companies, Squarespace provides the same amount of support to all clients regardless of the type of package they have subscribed to. On average, customer support takes 15 minutes to get back to its clients needing help. All support personnel are in-house, and no task is outsourced.


Squarespace is one of a kind when it comes to site building services on the World Wide Web. It contains many features that few others have. Perhaps the best thing about the website is its non-discriminatory policy regarding customers of its two packages.


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