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WebStarts Review

Adam Barger, the founder of WebStarts.com discovered, a gap in the site building market. He did so when he wanted to get his own website built but found the costs of getting one done by a professional website builder were high and the services limited", Change to "He did so when he wanted to create his own website but found the costs of getting one were high, with limited services as well. Barger realized that there was a need in the market for site-builder that could be used by just anyone and thus set to create WebStarts.com.

Today the service provider’s vision is ‘to provide everything you need to build and maintain your very own website. Not just any website, but websites that you can quickly edit and change, allowing you to keep your content fresh and original.’

Webstarts is an excellent tool for beginners. The reason being is that you can start up a website for FREE! Users are very limited in what they can do, but it is a great way to try their services. The drag and drop interface is very straightforward, and there is no need to be good at programming. There are hundreds of templates to choose from to get you started. They even have Flash support, which means embedding YouTube videos into a site is a breeze. Also, they have E-Commerce support, so if a user wants to start selling online, they are ready to go!

WebStarts hosting review

WebStarts Plans & Pricing (2022)

The site offers users three different modes of operation – Free, Pro and Pro+. The free version includes five web pages, 10 MB of website storage, 5 GB per month of website bandwidth and customer support through email.

  • Pro is $4.89 a month
  • Pro+ is $7.16 a month

Its affiliate program is a rather lucrative reason for users to join WebStarts.com as opposed to its competitors. Websites that join the program by getting their own affiliate link, can earn as much as $76 per sign up for advertising Webstarts on their site.

Feature Set

WebStarts hosting review features

The features users of Webstarts.com can enjoy include:

  • Custom domain name
  • Sub domain name
  • Custom email address
  • Internet advertising worth $300 – $100 in Google Adwords Credits, $50 in Facebook Ad Credits, $75 in Amazon Product Advertising, $25 in Bing, etc
  • Exclusive page on the website for ‘members only’
  • A live forum on your website for members to engage with each other
  • Drag and drop feature to build the site up in a truly customized way
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • A shopping cart that supports digital products, physical goods and online payments
  • The option of adding forms to collect information from your website's visitors
  • In addition to designing a website from scratch, users can also choose from pre-designed templates
  • Flash support
  • Flash library
  • Images and features for editing them
  • Slideshow
  • Videos
  • Full HTML control
  • Widgets
  • SEO wizard

Customer Support

Customer support is provided to Pro, and Pro+ users of Webstarts.com from 10am to 9pm EST Monday through Friday. Their phone numbers are 1-800-805-0920 and 1-813-600-6585 (for customers outside the US). You can also contact the company by mail at 235 W. Brandon Blvd. Suite 252, Brandon, FL 33511. You may also follow them on Twitter and YouTube.


All in all, WebStarts.com is a fine collection of features that help users build customized websites. Its prices, however, are slightly higher than other website building and web hosting services.


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