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Weebly Review

Weebly was founded in 2006 in San Francisco to help share information on the internet as easily and quickly as possible. Later in 2007, the website became a full-fledged service. As of today, Weebly has enabled users to build over 12 million blogs, personal sites, business platforms, virtual classrooms, portfolios and religious institutions. The website was also named as one of the best websites of 2007 by TIME. Since then, it has brought many changes to its features and services

Weebly is a revolutionary tool changing how people make websites. Users can access and edit their site from any computer, as Weebly utilizes the latest in cloud hosting. Weebly also allows its users to make website edits on their iPhones. They can post, drag and drop and edit content while on the go. If a user is thinking about starting a blog, Weebly is one of the best ways to go.

Weebly hosting review

Weebly Plans & Pricing (2022)

BlueHost allows users to build a website free of charge. With their free plan, users have up to 500MB of storage space, a free SSL certificate, free SEO optimization and lead generation. The only downside is that you’ll be stuck with their own domain (.weebly.com). To remove their domain, you’ll have to purchase one of their plans and a domain of your own.

As for their paid plans, they divided them into 2 categories: websites and online stores (eCommerce).

Website Creation

Weebly templates hosting review

Weebly has very sophisticated and professional-looking templates that are already programmed to adjust to any device. All of their templates are 100% customizable and ready to use.

  • Connect

Their free plan allows you to build a website free of charge, but you will be stuck with their domain. However, with their Connect plan, you can connect your own domain and use Weebly’s awesome templates at $5/month. The two plans are equal when it comes to features. The difference just lies in the domain.

  • Pro

The Pro plan is a much more complete version, and it is recommended for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

It has a free SSL certificate, unlimited storage, advanced SEO tools, and a free $100 voucher to use on Google Ads. And it has a cost of $10/month.

Online Store

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  • Business

Along with all the features from the Pro plan, the $20/month Business plan also has some eCommerce features, allowing you to build an online store with Shopping Cart, several payment options, product labels, stock management, coupon codes and advanced eCommerce analytics.

  • Business Pro

At $30/month, you can get the Business Pro plan, the most complete eCommerce plan. With this plan, you will get all of the features and benefits of the Business plan, as well as Forgotten Cart email reminders, pop-up notifications, and a $96 voucher to use on email marketing.

Pros and Cons

Weebly lets its users create websites and/or online stores simply and quickly, especially considering every plan already includes hosting.


  • Great templates
  • Responsive templates
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Simple website editor


  • Reported issues with images and photo editing
  • Website features are not as complete as the competitors
  • Not Blogger friendly


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