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Weebly Review

Weebly was founded in 2006 in San Francisco to help share information on the internet as easily and quickly as possible. Later in 2007, the website became a full-fledged service. As of today, Weebly has enabled users to build over 12 million blogs, personal sites, business platforms, virtual classrooms, portfolios and religious institutions. The website was also named as one of the best websites of 2007 by TIME. Since then, it has brought many changes to its features and services

Some of Weebly’s noteworthy investors include Paul Buchheit (Gmail’s creator), Mike Maples (from Floodgate) and Y Combinator.

Weebly is a revolutionary tool that is changing the way people make websites. Unlike other websites that offer site building services, Weebly offers all of its features for free. Users can access and edit their site from any computer, as Weebly utilizes the latest in Cloud hosting. Furthermore, Weebly allows its users to make website edits on their iPhones. They can post, drag and drop and edit content while on the go. If a user is thinking about starting up a blog, Weebly is one of the best ways to go.

Weebly sites are also mobile-friendly, so now anyone can view your site anytime. However, a downside about Weebly is that the URL must contain .weebly.com. This is how they can offer their services for free. If a user wants their name removed from the URL, you must purchase the rights to that domain name.

Weebly hosting review

Feature Set

Since Weebly targets people worldwide, the website is available in many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Netherlands and Chinese. Some of the noteworthy features the Weebly offers its users include:

  • The choice of opting into or out of advertising
  • Free domain hosting
  • Detailed analysis of traffic received by users’ websites
  • Powerful image editor
  • User friendly form builder
  • Integration of photos and slideshows
  • Integration of visual and audible content
  • Features that enable instant blogging
  • Reliable web hosting
  • More than 100 professional graphical themes for sites built by users
  • Drag and drop website builder

Since Weebly is known for its efficiency as a website with a strong affiliate program, users can take for granted that its platform is very optimized SEO-wise. In addition to increased visibility among search engine results, Weebly also offers its users high end e-commerce features that make visitors to its websites experience a highly engaging shopping experience. Users also have the authority to stop unwanted visitors from viewing their page by using passwords.


Weebly templates hosting review

Website templates are available in a wide variety of themes and layouts. There are more than 100 themes to choose from. Once a theme is chosen, users customize their site's design using the point-and-click design options. More technologically aware users can also edit HTML and CSS codes if they want to.

Some of the templates are available include wedding, vertical menu, simple, religion, personal, light colors, general purpose, education, dark colors, colorful and business.

Customer Support

Users can get support regarding different issues on the website itself. Helpful content has been classified into different categories such as site headers, forms and surveys, blogs and forums, ages, text and images, etc. The FAQ section provides users with a heads up on basic issues, a beginner’s guide explains the steps they must take to build their websites in detail and live training sessions are also held frequently. The time of these sessions are provided in the website itself.


Weebly proved that TIME’s nomination of the brand as one of 2007’s best websites was absolutely justified. The fact that Weebly has a unique selling proposition (i.e. a platform for affiliate programs) and has served more than 10 million satisfied users is substantial evidence that the website has great potential.


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