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Wix Review

Wix began in 2006 with a simple mission: make building high-quality websites easier. Now, having created over 22 million websites, it seems they’ve found a solution that strikes a chord with clients around the world.

Wix website builder promises a simple solution to website building: no coding or design experience necessary. Wix users don’t have to download or install any software – in fact, you don’t even have to pay. Wix even offers “Wix Express” for extremely fast, simple website creation.

Wix hosting review

Wix Plans & Pricing (2022)

Wix.com makes no bones about it: they are based on a “freemium” model. That means they give you access to their website builder and many features, absolutely free, with the idea being that if you like what you find, you will want to upgrade your account. 

And you probably will: once you start paying for your Wix service, the Wix ads will disappear from your site, and you’ll receive your own domain name, Google Analytics, additional disk space and bandwidth, and access to premium support.

Wix has 7 different plans, 4 dedicated to individuals and small businesses, and 3 dedicated to larger businesses:


  • Connect Domain: this is Wix’s most basic plan, allowing you to create a website and connect an existing domain, at $5.50/month. This plan comes with 1GB bandwidth and 500MB storage space, but has a major downside: your website will display ads.
  • Basic: At $10/month, you will get 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage space and no Wix ads on your website. You will also get a $400 credit for ads.
  • Unlimited: This is the most popular plan, as it grants you unlimited bandwidth, as well as 10GB of storage space, a free 1-year App Site Booster and free 1-year Viewer Analytics. All at a price of $17/month.
  • VIP: In addition to unlimited bandwidth, with this plan, you will get access to 35 GB of storage space, as well as 5 hours of video, a professional logo and social media files, and it costs $29/month.


  • Basic Business: With this $20/month plan, you will be getting 20GB of storage space for your website content, as well as unlimited bandwidth, 5 hours of video, payment plans, and client accounts. This plan includes eCommerce, with unlimited products.
  • Business Unlimited: In addition to Basic Business plan’s features, you will get an additional 15 GB of storage space and additional 5 hours of video. And it costs$30/month. In addition to the unlimited products on eCommerce, users can create subscriptions, add different coin exchanges, dropshipping and up to 1,000 product reviews.
  • Business VIP: This is the ideal option for those who require a lot of storage space, as it is unlimited, and those who need a lot of video time, also unlimited. This plan costs $44/month and it comes with Priority Customer Support. The eCommerce in this plan includes all the features from the Business Unlimited plan as well as 3,000 product reviews and unlimited dropshipping.

Website Builder

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  • Creating a website with Wix is as easy as it gets. Wix was made for people and businesses with little to no programming experience at all, so it is all intuitive and easy to use.

    Wix’s website builder includes over 800 templates, as well as an advanced design editor and all websites are responsive, meaning they adapt to mobile devices. They also possess important features to help ensure your website is as good as it gets, such as hosting, logo maker, SEO tools and custom domain name.

Online Store

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The eCommerce solution at Wix is a very good choice for just about anyone. Any entrepreneur, retail business or well-established brands can benefit from this service, as Wix possesses advanced business tools.

With Wix, you can set up your store, and add useful integrations, like a reservation scheduling system, online payments, app creator, advanced analytics and event creation.

Marketing Tools

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To help your business stand out from the competition, you can use their multiple marketing tools, such as email marketing, social media design, facebook ads and client relationship management.

Pros and Cons

Although their offer seems amazing, it is important to analyze their benefits and disadvantages before making a decision:


  • Excellent choice of templates
  • Very customizable
  • Automatic site backup


  • Mobile loading speed
  • You can’t change from one template to another easily
  • Pricing


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