Updated June 2022

Yahoo! Small Business Review

If you are looking for a place to host your domains, check out Yahoo Small Business web hosting service! This review will help you find the perfect web hosting company for you. Yahoo Small Business from Yahoo! offers a beginner friendly interface that makes hosting and creating your website a breeze. Bloggers and personal websites look more professional and visually appealing when hosted through Yahoo.

Keep in mind that there are other hosting companies with lower prices. Yet few are backed by such large corporate infrastructural resources as Yahoo Small Business, thereby justifying the slightly higher costs for hosting services. However, Yahoo Small Business pricing has recently become much more competitive.

Price aside, we can’t deny the list of features offered to help you run your small business.

Most importantly, take advantage of Yahoo Small Business relationship with Bing, which will help get your sites ranked.

Yahoo! Small Business Plans & Pricing (2022)

Yahoo Small Business offers unlimited bandwidth and storage but we suggest reading the fine print to all terms and conditions. “Unlimited” doesn’t always mean what it should.

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting was established to help businesses gain the exposure they deserve, and build professional quality websites. While their top two plans might be slightly more expensive than the competition, they come fully loaded with Yahoo Small Business SiteBuilder which will help you design your website.


In terms of reliability, Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting is excellent. The sites they host are up nearly 100% of the time and without any hiccups. Yahoo Small Business wants to be the most reliable company in town, so they have trained technicians working day and night. In addition, customers can store over 1,000 passwords to protect material.

Control Panel

Yahoo Small Business control panel is mediocre. However, we must give them credit for the panel being installed because it does offer a lot of versatility and it’s not very hard to figure out. Although, it doesn’t really compare with more advanced systems such as the cPanel.

Site Explorer, the platform Yahoo Small Business uses, does make moving things around on your webpage very simple. If you are good with computers or just willing to learn, you will find some pretty nifty things with this toolbar. Having this browser-based control panel schema definitely allows for quicker file passing between your desktop and the back end of the website.

Customer Support

Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting customer support is excellent. Yahoo offers customer service around the clock and the staff is trained, skilled, and speaks many different languages. We can’t complain about the customer service because it’s available night and day regardless of time zone.


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