Digital Pacific Hosting Review Highlights

Digital Pacific offers various hosting solutions, starting from simple, Personal Hosting, Business and Reseller and services like SSL and additional security. Moving on, WordPress Hosting packages are designed for those who want to create a website using the popular CMS.

The company also offers industry-standard features like one-click installers, a web-based file manager and webmail to make things easier to access.

With data centres in Melbourne and Sydney, Digital Pacific aims to have superior performance in the area than web hosts that lack local servers. Our testing on this review of Digital Pacific showed good performance, while people accessing a website from outside Australia might need some more time for it to load. 

Time to First Byte (TTFB) is from 400ms to 500ms, which is a very good number. It’s important to note that not everyone has the same hosting experience. According to user reviews, some have experienced performance issues and slowdowns while using Digital Pacific Australia. This is even though the web hosting company claims an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

Apart from these technical aspects of the web host, pricing for the entry-level plans is okay – not very cheap nor expensive either. 

Customer support is another weak point of Digital Pacific, and many people write about its issues on public platforms like Trustpilot.


  • Local Australia servers
  • Allows payment in AUD
  • cPanel and Plesk-based hosting
  • Lots of hosting options


  • Ineffective customer support
  • Higher pricing

Quick Info

BackupsYes, for 30 days
Free domain
Free migrationNo

Select Services & Pricing

VPS hosting

$4 /mo

Managed WordPress hosting

$12 /mo

Ready to try Digital Pacific Australia?

If you reside in Australia, Digital Pacific could be the web hosting service worth considering. Its diverse hosting plans and reliable features present an intriguing option you should definitely check out.

Starting from $9.90/mo AUD

Digital Pacific's General Performance


A web host’s performance is paramount for any user seeking a reliable online presence. In this section, we jump into the pivotal aspects of Digital Pacific’s server performance, shedding light on its load times and how it fares based on real-world testing.

Digital Pacific is all about delivering the goods, and they’ve designed its hosting solutions with performance in mind. With a clear focus on the Australian market, the company strategically situates data centers in Sydney and Melbourne, ensuring optimal performance for local customers.

The web host’s hosting plans consistently demonstrate solid performance metrics, attuned to the needs of Australian customers.

Our review of Digital Pacific hosting showed all the Digital Pacific’s performance capabilities. The Time to First Byte (TTFB) performance ranged from 400ms to 500ms, which is very good considering some other web hosts we’ve seen so far.

DigitalOcean - Performance

Digital Pacific’s Uptime Report


Uptime is that silent promise web hosts make to keep your website up and running, day and night. You don’t see it, but you sure feel it when things go south.

While compiling all the data for the Digital Pacific hosting review, we noticed that the excellent uptime guarantee stays true to the 99.9% advertised.

During our research, we came across something interesting. Although the uptime guarantee is still in place with our test site, we found some user reviews that mentioned occasional availability issues with this web host. 

Even though a few isolated incidents may not be a cause for concern, it’s worth considering when making your decision.

Digitalocean - Uptime

Digital Pacific's Support Service


When choosing a web host, it’s not just about the hosting itself. Knowing that you’ll have reliable after-sales customer support is paramount.

Users have reported that the customer support of Digital Pacific is not satisfactory and tends to take a significant amount of time to respond. We have faced similar challenges with its support team’s delayed response. It’s also worth noting that there isn’t a live chat to contact support.

Additionally, individuals managing their Australian websites from outside the country should consider the time zone differences between their location and Australia.

Digital Pacific boasts a blog and a support centre section with articles about the basic functions of its web hosting platform. Users can read through plenty of material before asking for more help via the support channels.

Live Chat
Phone4m 32s

Digital Pacific: Ease of Use


Navigating a user-friendly terrain is like finding a treasure map. 

With an industry-standard cPanel web hosting control panel, Digital Pacific’s serving up a user-friendly dashboard that’s familiar territory for many.

Digital Pacific goes the extra mile by offering one-click installers thanks to the Softaculous script library. Whether you’re setting up a blog, an entire online store, or any other digital masterpiece, these one-click wizards have your back.

Digital Pacific’s Pricing


With the difference in AUD and USD values, pricing in Australia might seem a tad heftier than it actually is.

Our dive into the Digital Pacific review revealed that this web host isn’t the champion of the lowest price, but it sure knows how to be competitive.

You can choose from two main options for shared hosting: Personal Basic and Personal Standard, starting at $9.90 per month AUD. This is a great choice for those new to shared hosting who want to save money.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide a free domain name with each hosting plan purchase, and you even have to pay for your website migration from another web host.

These are the shared hosting prices Digital Pacific offers to its Australian clients:

  • Personal Basic: This plan costs $9.90/month AUD, and it’s ideal for static HTML pages, but there’s support for 1 database, 1 domain name and up to 2 email accounts. It also comes with 2GB of storage.
  • Personal Standard: For $12.90/month AUD, this plan offers everything in Personal Basic, plus 5GB of storage, 20GB of monthly traffic, up to 5 databases, and 100 email accounts. 
  • Business Basic: This plan is on sale for $17.90/month AUD, and in addition to everything that comes in Personal Standard, it also has 25GB of storage, unlimited databases, and email accounts, among others.
  • Business Standard: A robust plan with even more server resources. For $22.90/month AUD, Business Standard provides everything in Business Basic, plus 50GB of storage and up to 3 addon domain names.
  • Business Advanced: For users or businesses seeking more, the Business Advanced plan offers up to 100GB of storage, unlimited monthly traffic, and up to 6 addon domain names, along with everything in Business Standard.
  • Business Pro: The highest tier offers 150GB of storage and raises the bar by providing up to 10 addon domain names and everything given in the Business Advanced hosting solution.

When it comes to hosting, there’re a few other options as well. Premium Hosting is a hybrid of VPS hosting and offers reasonable pricing, although it may not be considered amazing.

Ready to try Digital Pacific Australia?

If you reside in Australia, Digital Pacific could be the web hosting service worth considering. Its diverse hosting plans and reliable features present an intriguing option you should definitely check out.

Starting from $9.90/mo AUD

Our Verdict


Closing off this Digital Pacific hosting review, we gathered some interesting information about this Australian web hosting provider. 

Our testing showed that Digital Pacific isn’t Australia’s cheapest web host but the most expensive, either. 

Its focus on performance and reliability, backed by localized data centers, caters well to an Australian audience seeking speed. While customer support issues and international performance hiccups do exist, we can’t ignore the company’s commitment to offering a user-friendly experience and good value.

The company’s cPanel control panel and one-click installers make the user experience straightforward, providing a platform that’s easy to navigate. 

Ultimately, choosing Digital Pacific as your web hosting partner depends on your priorities. If speed, reliability, and ease of use are high on your list, and you’re willing to navigate occasional support challenges, then you should go for it.


When determining the best web hosting providers, we take into account multiple factors like user reviews, the web host performance, value for money and customer support.


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