How to Set Up Email Hosting

Are you a person who uses your email a lot? Do you send important documents like bills, invoices, customer contacts or any other confidential information?

If your answer is yes, consider upgrading to email hosting instead of putting your data in the hands of a free email service like Google, Outlook or Yahoo.

And we’re not just talking about security, but about professionalism as well. What do you think would sound better for your company:
[email protected] or info+your [email protected]?

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to set up email hosting and answer some frequently asked questions on the subject, like:

  • What Is Email Hosting
  • Is There a Difference Between Email Hosting and Web Hosting?
  • How Do I Setup an Email Hosting?
  • What Are the Benefits of Email Hosting?
  • How Much Does It Cost to Host Email?

Should we get started?

What Is Email Hosting?

Directly answering the question, email hosting is an internet hosting service that rents out and operates email servers. Many hosting companies offer this service for free, but they are usually premium services that differ from the typical free webmail sites such as Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail.

So, if you need to store and share files, share calendars, send out large attachments, and so on. Having a professional email hosting service is a great option for you. Your business will be more secure and professional.

Is There a Difference Between Email Hosting and Web Hosting?

Sometimes it’s confusing trying to understand what web hosting, email hosting and all other hosting services are, but don’t worry, we’ll explain.

When you want to make a website and want other people to be able to see it, you’ll have to publish your website through a website hosting service. That’s what web hosting is, a service that will allow your website to be viewed 24 hours a day all over the world.

Your web hosting service might also include an option to activate email hosting, but you have to tell your provider that you want to do that.

And what about email hosting? Well, as we said, email hosting is usually included with a web hosting package, but it’s a separate service that allows you to set up a custom email address and use it to send and receive emails.

What Are the Benefits of Email Hosting?

You may be wondering, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook seem to be so secure and, most importantly, free, why would I choose to pay for email hosting?

Well, let’s say you have an online business, a candy store. And you want to send emails to your customers or potential customers. It wouldn’t be very professional for them to get an email from [email protected] instead of [email protected].

Another very important factor is safety. Not that the other email services we mentioned are unsafe, but they’re not as safe and complete as an email hosting service from a hosting company.

With an email hosting service, you can have:

  • Maximum email cloud storage capacity
  • Maximum file attachment size
  • Unlimited mobile devices and IMAP connections
  • Professional calendar, contacts and file sharing
  • Anti-spam, anti-malware and antivirus protection included
  • File storage and many more advantages

So, if you want to take your business to the next level, having an email hosting service is the key.

How Do I Setup an Email Hosting?

The first step of setting up email hosting is to register a domain name. Your registered domain name will appear after the @ symbol on the email address – for example, [email protected].

After registering a domain name and choosing the best email hosting provider to store, send, and receive your emails, you can configure the email addresses.

How Much Does It Cost to Host Email?

It depends on the package you get for your email hosting. Some services offer more storage space and other features.

At some companies, the advanced email hosting service costs $2.00 per month, in others, it’s more expensive or cheaper.

An Email Hosting Can Level Your Business

In addition to learning how to set up email hosting, you learned the advantages of having a service like this for your business. You can make it much more professional.

If you only use free services like Gmail or Yahoo for personal use, you may not need this type of service, but if you intend to start a business, you should consider email hosting.

Do you already use a professional email? Tell us the advantages of using this service so far.

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