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Google Fends Off Record-Breaking DDoS Attack

Google confirmed that one HTTPS distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack hit their infrastructure, one of the biggest ever recorded in history. The attack occurred on the ...
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Discord Malware on Home Windows 11 Installer

People looking for an easy way to upgrade to Windows 11 were in for a nasty surprise, as an upgrade assistant software found on discord ...
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Alexander Shatov Sifcjhruwpm Unsplash-Hosting Review

Discord Ends Talks With Microsoft Over the $10B Takeover Deal

The popular chat and instant messaging platform Discord was in talks with Microsoft for a potential buyout, although things went south not long ago.  The ...
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Stephen Phillips Hostreviews Co Uk 2kh 6t6x 0i Unsplash-Hosting Review

Free cPanel Alternatives for 2022

One of the advancements in technology is the graphical user interface. The GUI, as it’s best known, is everywhere around us. In our smartphones, our ...
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Ashkan Forouzani Mblr6neatmi Unsplash-Hosting Review

Windows Server 2019 vs 2022 – Is it Worth the Upgrade?

For those who work with technology, it is always important to be up to date on all day-to-day tools. Using something that is not up ...
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Ev Gpjvrzyavzc Unsplash-Hosting Review

GoDaddy to Remove Public WHOIS Information

GoDaddy to Remove Public WHOIS Information  GoDaddy has been in the buzz of late due to an email sent by the web hosting and domain ...
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Michael Jeffrey Lgcb Xilgp8 Unsplash-Hosting Review

WebNX Generator Caught Fire After Power Outage

Imagine suddenly having your website go offline, along with a cluster of other websites. Even worse, a hosting provider has to experience damage on some ...
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Stephen Phillips Hostreviews Co Uk Zs98a0dtkl4 Unsplash-Hosting Review

Top 5 Best New WordPress Themes to Use in 2022

There are many new WordPress themes available to help your website stand out, but it can be challenging to sort through thousands of themes available ...
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Souvik Banerjee Wprnem 6dg Unsplash-Hosting Review

The Latest WordPress Update – WordPress 5.9

The new update of WordPress – WordPress 5.9 – is just around the corner. The WordPress 5.9 Beta version was released a few days ago, ...
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Microsoft’s New IndexNow Plugin for WordPress

Microsoft’s relatively new provision for WordPress websites has been great news for those with established WordPress sites. Bing released their first official plugin – IndexNow ...
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