DreamHost Review Australia Highlights

DreamHost’s open web platform is part of the company’s DNA. Supporting more than 1.5 million websites and blogs from users worldwide, DreamHost works with bloggers, small businesses, designers, developers, agencies, and many other types of users.

DreamHost offers an excellent starting point for newcomers, boasting a custom-built control panel that simplifies the hosting experience. With a diverse array of hosting options, including simple hosting, VPS, Cloud, and Dedicated hosting, DreamHost caters to various user needs, making it an attractive choice for new businesses seeking reliable hosting solutions.

DreamPress is a Managed WordPress hosting solution for WordPress. In addition, DreamHost Australia offers a unique version of VPS called VPS WordPress, a professional solution designed for businesses that use the popular CMS.

DreamHost’s support system is adequate, providing live chat and ticket options to logged-in account users. While phone support is available, it comes at an additional cost. To counter this, DreamHost offers a traditional ticketing system, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base containing valuable information on frequently asked questions.

However, the performance of DreamHost for Australia is suboptimal. DreamHost lacks data centres in the region. 

Consequently, average loading times for Australian visitors may be affected. On the other hand, users from the US, Germany, or France may enjoy better loading times, enhancing the overall hosting experience.


  • Many included features
  • Custom control panel
  • Reliable
  • Many unlimited features


  • Slow speeds
  • Limited live chat
  • Extra costs
  • Geographic limitations
  • No free phone support
  • No AUD payment option 

Quick Info

Money Back GuaranteeYes, 97 days
Automatic daily backupsYes
High-performance serversYes
Free automated WordPress migrations


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Fast, secure, and with high uptime, DreamHost is the go-to choice for many professionals seeking good performance and plenty of hosting options to keep them ahead of the game.

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DreamHost's General Performance


Performance is a crucial factor when selecting a web hosting provider. DreamHost excels in the US market, offering great performance and a positive user experience for most users. However, for Australian users, the performance is comparatively slower. 

Despite this, DreamHost’s overall performance remains commendable for hosting websites. In our testing, we observed that the Largest Contentful Paint hovers around 1.5 seconds, and the Time to First Byte can sometimes reach up to 2 seconds.

For users seeking optimal web hosting performance in Australia, consider employing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with regional data centres. This additional step can significantly enhance loading timeσ. However, the need for a CDN might deter some users from selecting DreamHost in Australia.


DreamHost’s Uptime Report


Uptime is critical to a web hosting provider’s stability and reliability, guaranteeing uninterrupted website availability. In our testing, DreamHost Australia demonstrated phenomenal uptime. 

Its bold claim of 99.99% uptime proved accurate in our case, with our test website remaining consistently stable and accessible throughout the entire testing period.

DreamHost’s commitment to uptime reliability is reinforced by its system status page, allowing users to monitor any potential downtime events worth reporting. This transparent approach to uptime tracking inspires confidence in users.

DreamHost - Uptime

DreamHost's Support Service


Knowing you’ll get outstanding after-sales support precisely when you need it is essential when choosing a web host. DreamHost’s support for the Australian market is reliable, offering multiple communication channels for users to seek assistance.

While DreamHost support for Australian users is generally good, it’s important to note that phone support, which some users prefer, comes at an additional cost.

On the other hand, the live chat and ticketing systems function well, staffed by knowledgeable representatives who can address various queries and issues. However, you may need to wait a few hours before receiving a response to your inquiry.

One consideration to remember is that the live chat system operates during specific hours, which appear only when you log into your account. The ticketing system remains available at all times, ensuring users have the means to reach out for support when needed.

Before filing a ticket, exploring the knowledge base is recommended, as it often provides solutions to commonly encountered problems.

These were the average support wait/response times encountered during our testing:

Live Chat3m 55s
PhonePaid, 0m 20s

DreamHost: Ease of Use


When choosing a web hosting provider, finding one with a pleasant overall experience will save time. However, it’s important to note that DreamHost for Australia offers a custom control panel instead of the industry-standard cPanel, which might deter some users from selecting its services.

While designed to be user-friendly and straightforward, DreamHost’s custom control panel may pose a challenge for users accustomed to using cPanel. This difference in the control panel interface could require a short adjustment period for those familiar with cPanel’s layout and features.

Another option is to install WordPress using the 1-click method, but the availability of other popular applications isn’t specified.

DreamHost’s Pricing


Pricing significantly influences individuals’ choices when selecting a web host. DreamHost’s shared hosting plans, namely Starter and Unlimited, offer attractive options for users looking for hosting solutions.

For 3-year billing terms, DreamHost’s shared hosting plans start at a competitive rate of $2.59 USD. Unfortunately, as we already covered, there isn’t an AUD payment option. This pricing provides excellent value for those seeking reliable hosting services over an extended period.

Moreover, DreamHost sweetens the deal by offering a free domain name with all annual terms.

These are the shared hosting prices DreamHost offers to its Australian clients:

  • Shared Starter: A great hosting plan. This plan starts at $2.95/month for 1-year subscriptions and includes one website, 50GB of storage, unlimited traffic, free domain registration, and a WordPress Website Builder. The plan’s pricing transforms to $2.59/month with a 3-year subscription.
  • Shared Unlimited: For $2.95/month (1-year subscription), this plan offers everything in Shared Starter, plus unlimited websites, unlimited email with your domain name, and unlimited subdomains and databases.

VPS hosting is relatively expensive, starting at $10 per month. Nonetheless, the Managed WordPress or DreamPress hosting options have a starting price of $16.95 per month.

DreamHost - Uptime

Ready to try DreamHost?

Fast, secure, and with high uptime, DreamHost is the go-to choice for many professionals seeking good performance and plenty of hosting options to keep them ahead of the game.

Starting from $2.59/mo

Our Verdict


If you’re selecting a web hosting provider, this DreamHost review for Australia will show you that this web host should be a strong contender.

DreamHost for Australia caters to a diverse range of users and needs. With a strong presence in the US market and a reputation for providing a positive experience for newcomers, DreamHost showcases its expertise in web hosting.

Performance-wise, DreamHost impresses with excellent uptime in Australia, delivering on its bold claim of 99.99% uptime. 

On the other hand, it’s essential to note that the loading times may vary for Australian users, given the absence of data centres in the region. Nevertheless, DreamHost’s overall performance remains commendable, making it a viable option for hosting websites in various locations.

Our testing unveiled that support at DreamHost for the Australian market proves reliable, with responsive live chat and ticketing systems. 

Reps have plenty of knowledge, and they’re eager to help. Though phone support comes at an additional cost, the available support channels ensure users receive the assistance they need. Utilizing DreamHost’s comprehensive knowledge base is recommended for self-help solutions before submitting a ticket.

The ease of use at DreamHost comes with its custom control panel, which may differ from the industry-standard cPanel. While it may take some adjustment for cPanel users, DreamHost’s control panel offers user-friendly options for beginners, making it a suitable choice for those new to web hosting.

Pricing at DreamHost shines with highly competitive rates for 3-year billing terms, starting at just $2.59 USD. 

Summing up this DreamHost Australia review, the web host demonstrates a strong performance with excellent uptime, delivering a reliable hosting experience in Australia and beyond. 

Adequate support options, user-friendly features, and competitive pricing make DreamHost a favourable choice for individuals, bloggers, small businesses, and developers alike.


When determining the best web hosting providers, we take into account multiple factors like user reviews, the web host performance, value for money and customer support.


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