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In this HostHero review Canada, we highlight the key features and offerings of a web hosting company catering to individuals, businesses, and eCommerce stores. HostHero offers a small selection of hosting services, including simple shared web hosting plans, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers for plenty of use cases.

There are also VPS hosting services and WordPress hosting plans, with the latter offering a free domain registration (with two add-on domains), free WordPress migration, and a WordPress performance boost. 

This hosting provider promotes their Canadian servers and boasts of having ten thousand satisfied customers. However, details about their data centres are limited, and the only information available on their website is that they have five centres located worldwide.

HostHero’s performance for Canadian users is expected to be more than adequate since this is a Canadian web hosting company. Their website’s sole payment option is USD, which also supports PayPal, although they don’t accept payments in CAD.


  • Clear Pricing
  • Canadian Company
  • Canadian data centres


  • No option to pay in CAD
  • High renewal prices


Quick Info

1-click script installer
Free domain for 1st yearYes
In-house support Yes
30-day money-back guaranteeYes


Ready to try HostHero Canada?

If dependability and unshakable server infrastructure are your top priorities, HostHero should be your next choice for web hosting services in Canada.

Starting from $1.95/mo USD

HostHero General Performance


Server performance is critical for any online presence. While HostHero won’t make huge promises, but the loading speeds are generally good, especially in Canada.

While loading speeds are good, server response time is behind the industry average – a crucial metric for web performance.

HostHero Canada performs a little slower than other hosts in the region, and that’s because the company lacks local data centres.

While not by much, HostHero Canada TTFB varies from 500 to 600ms when probing our test website, showing good performance for Canadian customers.


HostHero Canada Uptime Report


When it comes to website uptime, HostHero delivers a dependable and trustworthy hosting experience.

HostHero guarantees a high level of website accessibility with its uninterrupted uptime, which rarely dips below 99.9%. 

The best part? This exceptional uptime is offered to all users, regardless of their location in Canada. This means that your website will remain stable and reliable no matter where your visitors are located.


HostHero Support Service


When selecting a web host, it’s essential to have confidence that you’ll receive exceptional support whenever it’s required. 

HostHero offers a strong support network to guide you through your hosting journey. In our review of HostHero Canada, we accessed support services via live chat, phone, and email after setting up our account and activating the personal assistant feature. 

With an in-house support team, HostHero has a substantial support network, and our expectations for speedy assistance were met.

HostHero also offers a simple help centre that covers a basic range of topics. It’s worth checking out the help centre’s articles before seeking additional help, as your query may already have a solution there. Our testing found that HostHero’s customer service was overall positive, with responsive and prompt support.

These were the average support wait/response times encountered during our testing:

Live Chat0m 44s
Phone1m 23s

HostHero: Ease of Use


When it comes to web hosting providers, HostHero stands out for its user-friendly approach. 

With an easy-to-use control panel that utilizes the industry-standard cPanel, even beginners can easily manage their websites. HostHero also offers one-click installations for popular software like WordPress, making it an attractive option for those new to web hosting.

Our review of HostHero Canada revealed that the one-click installations were straightforward and well-designed, making it a great choice for beginners in Canada looking for a friendly and accessible web hosting provider.

HostHero Pricing


Pricing is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider.

HostHero offers competitive pricing options, starting at just $1.95 USD per month for its Starter plan in shared hosting and when paying for three years in advance.

However, it’s important to note that the pricing ramps up to $9.95 USD per month if you pay each month, which may be a significant jump for some users. The Business plan, priced at $3.95 USD per month for the initial billing cycle, is suitable for a single website or project.

While HostHero’s initial pricing may be attractive, the high renewal prices are worth considering. These higher costs upon renewal might lead users to explore alternative options that offer more features at similar or even lower prices. It’s important to weigh the long-term affordability and value of HostHero hosting plans.

These are the shared hosting prices HostHero offers to its Canadian clients:

  • Starter Plan: Suitable for startups and new websites, this plan costs $1.95 USD per month USD, and the promotional pricing refers to a 3-year subscription. The plan offers unlimited disk space, MySQL databases, 10 email accounts, one addon domain name, and a free website migration service. 
  • Business Plan: Ideal for growing websites. This plan costs $7.95 USD per month for 3-year subscriptions. It comes with everything in the Starter plan, unlimited storage, and email accounts.
  • Premium Plan is aimed at websites with heavy traffic. It offers everything in the Business plan and support for unlimited addon domains, storage and databases, and enhanced CPU and memory resources. This plan asks for 12.95 USD per month for 3-year subscriptions, and it offers plenty of resources for very popular websites.

Unfortunately, HostHero Canada doesn’t provide payment options in Canadian dollars (CAD) and requires all transactions to be conducted in US dollars.

Ready to try HostHero Canada?

If dependability and unshakable server infrastructure are your top priorities, HostHero should be your next choice for web hosting services in Canada.

Starting from $1.95/mo USD

Our Verdict


With HostHero Canada, we managed to see solid performance and uptime exceeding the advertised 99.9% mark. The server status page shows potential downtimes on scheduled downtimes for maintenance. During our review, we didn’t experience any slowdowns, something that’s great to know.

Based on our HostHero review Canada, we found that their support team can be quick to respond with minimal delays. insufficient responses. 

HostHero Canada offers competitive pricing options, but it’s important to check renewal prices before committing. Canadian customers should carefully consider the long-term affordability and value of HostHero’s hosting plans. 

However, HostHero does provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, which can offer some peace of mind. In terms of performance, HostHero’s results were decent in our review, with the First Contentful Paint ranging from 1.4 to 2.1 seconds, which is enough for most uses. 

Overall, HostHero delivers good performance for the Canadian market and offers user-friendly features with adequate support and uptime.


When determining the best web hosting providers, we take into account multiple factors like user reviews, the web host performance, value for money and customer support.


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