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Overview & Verdict

Managed WordPress hosting, database hosting, and application hosting are the three main services offered by Kinsta, and they aim to be the best. Built on the reliable Google Cloud platform and offering unlimited pageviews and visitors, Kinsta is designed for high-traffic, high-performance websites.

Kinsta offers business and enterprise hosting plans from $350 to $16,500 per month. If you outgrow the $16,500 enterprise plan, they’ll work with you to create a custom solution that fits your needs.


  • Great speed
  • WordPress-specific plans
  • Good product support
  • Free migrations


  • No shared hosting
  • Pricing is higher than competition
  • The plans have limitations in storage and visits

Quick Info

30-day money back guarantee


Free domain


Application hosting


Select Services & Pricing

WordPress hosting

$35 /mo

Application hosting 

$20 /mo

Database hosting

$18 /mo



While Kinsta’s performance is quite impressive, it’s not the best in the market. Having only one WordPress-related product is a plus, and the company is more focused on providing the best experience for that product.

The largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is fast, and it stays way below Google’s recommendations, under 1.5 seconds, based on testing and user feedback. The results make Kinsta a good hosting provider but certainly not the best there is in terms of performance.

Kinsta - Managed WordPress Hosting


We’ve covered all the popular issues and made very easy to follow instructions so you can get started easily and make all the right choices!




This metric is Kinsta’s strongest suit. Kinsta’s continuous monitoring system can alert you if there’s downtime, and users can expect reimbursement for the downtime.

This is especially important for users that don’t have the greatest technical knowledge and want an almost hands-free experience.

Kinsta - Developer Focused

Support Quality


Technical support at Kinsta is another excellent field. The company’s support team has people with knowledge in web development and technical support, so the communication is prompt and on point.

Support also extends to their blog and resource center, where you can find answers and tips for all things related to web hosting and web development. All that comes with a big negative. There’s no phone support, which might be useful for many clients looking for an easy way to contact the company.

Live Chat0m 27s

Ease of Use


Setting up your account and using it for the first time is an easy experience for most users. You fill out a form to create a new site, and the process is straightforward and transparent.

While there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, Kinsta doesn’t offer any other way to use their services (like a trial) – so you have to use your credit card information for that purpose.



Although Kinsta offers solid products, the cost remains the highest we’ve seen for the offered services. The company also offers two months for free if you select the yearly plan (instead of paying every month), but still, the $35 per month asked for the initial Managed WordPress plan is a lot.

And this covers only one website, only 25k visits per month and only 10GB of storage space. With the yearly plan, the cost drops to almost $29.

The cloud-based hosting options offer solid performance, but they still might seem to limit some knowledgeable users.



Kinsta is a reliable option for people looking to scale their business long-term. People with just one website and with fewer requirements from their web host are going to find the Managed WordPress plan too expensive and limiting in some points. It might offer great performance and customer support, but most will be better off with a shared hosting solution from elsewhere.

The cloud-based hosting options are okay, albeit with some limitations, but the database hosting is perfect – and with 35+ data centre locations worldwide, Kinsta can provide a solid experience in terms of speed.

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