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Since 2011, DigitalOcean has expanded its product offerings to include additional cloud services like load balancers, object storage, and managed databases. More mainstream services are provided by Cloudways, which as of 2022, is a subsidiary of DigitalOcean.

Setting up Cloud VPS servers is fast and straightforward, with various options that include performance-minded multi-core processors. DigitalOcean is also reasonably priced when it comes to VPS and cloud hosting. It provides more solutions for hosting websites and web apps, making them accessible to users with different budgets and requirements.


  • Awesome uptime
  • Great speeds


  • Limited customer service
  • No free migrations
  • No option to buy a domain name
  • Low storage in entry-level plans

Quick Info

Free domain name


One-click installers




Select Services & Pricing

VPS hosting

$4 /mo

Managed WordPress hosting

$12 /mo



DigitalOcean’s hosting solutions are tailored for professionals and those who need absolute performance and uptime from their servers.

For that purpose, we see they provide superb VPS solutions, offering high performance and upgraded server hardware. More mainstream hosting solutions are supplied by Cloudways, which has Managed WordPress and other cloud hosting services.

DigitalOcean - Performance


We’ve covered all the popular issues and made very easy to follow instructions so you can get started easily and make all the right choices!




Uptime is excellent; multiple sources confirm that your website will be up and running for a long time. DigitalOcean also offers real-time uptime updates and alerts through a handy dashboard so that you know when downtime strikes.

Digitalocean - Uptime

Support Quality


Customer reviews online suggest that DigitalOcean’s support quality is lacking in some areas. The support teams are helpful and on point, but some people have difficulty reaching them on the official website. It’s worth noting that the free tier allows us to contact support only via email. Premium support costs $1,000 per month, which is quite a lot.

DigitalOcean also provides a wealth of documentation and resources to make our lives easier through guides and articles.

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Ease of Use


With DigitalOcean being tailored for professionals, it’s easy to assume that you’ll need some extra knowledge when setting up your server.

The control panel needs some time to figure out, but you can buy cPanel separately. Management is easy enough, although general web hosting knowledge is welcome and can help you navigate the interface.



DigitalOcean’s pricing might initially seem confusing, mainly because of the pay-as-you-go model.

To simplify things, the company offers a pricing calculator to help you pick the right plan according to your needs. The primary ‘droplet’ – a virtual server – comes at $4 per month but offers just 10GB of SSD storage, which is considered too tiny even for a single website. 

Pricier ‘droplets’ start at $7 per month, offering 25GB of NVMe SSD storage. The configurator can help you add or remove unnecessary options from your plan.



Web developers, startups and programmers will find DigitalOcean tempting, mainly because it offers many options and server configurations.

DigitalOcean’s main advantages are the generally user-friendly interface and the additional APIs. While there aren’t any WordPress-specific plans, DigitalOcean offers Managed WordPress through Cloudways for $12 per month.

Speed and uptime are critical, and DigitalOcean aces these categories with good performance, making it a great hosting provider you should check out, but only if you’re creating a high-traffic website. Otherwise, many more web hosting providers charge less for the same features.

Ready to jump into DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean has a vast number of virtual machines you can set up quickly. Their robust uptime and feature set make the company a trustworthy option for small businesses or corporations looking to expand their online presence.

Starting from $4/mo

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