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iPage Review

Founded by industry veterans, iPage takes a fresh approach to web hosting services. Take it from those who have been around the block in this business: you don't need to pay premium rates for premium services. The range of services available at iPage.com work together to provide you with everything you need for a professional but easy-to-manage web presence.

iPage's tagline is "Everything web. Made easy" and the company does its best to live up to this. They offer an industry-leading suite of web development tools that will not only help you design and maintain your website, but market it, grow it, and easily expand. Tools to help you develop and launch a secure e-commerce site are included; multi-media features are also supported. Whether you want to blog, post photo galleries, videos or podcasts, you will be supported by your iPage.com services.

Among the many important features iPage promotes, it's commitment to security may be among the most important. Subscribers to the iPage.com hosting package receive an exclusive free security suite, to ensure customers and their clients can have full trust in the reliability and stability of every hosted website or e-business. Add in the unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases and the long list of other iPage web hosting features

iPage Hosting Review

iPage Plans & Pricing (2022)

The web experts at iPage.com have managed to compile an eye-popping list of services and value-added extras and package them neatly into an all-encompassing web hosting package. Currently, on promotion for just $2.25 a month, iPage.com is proving that sometimes you actually get more than you pay for.

With around the clock customer service, advanced marketing tools, an exclusive security suite, and everything you need to get your web site up and running, iPage makes it easy to create an awesome first impression.


iPage Reliability hosting review

iPage.com uses a system of pooled servers - so there is always server space available to you. The first and fastest machine available will serve your website. A pool of servers provides redundancy, streamlined service, and maximum uptime.

iPage offers all customers a wide range of security features within its exclusive security suite, included in all web hosting packages. From account-specific malware to spam scanning and a security badge for your site, iPage.com puts your security needs first.

Control Panel


The iPage control panel offers users tools to create, enhance and manage their websites simply and effectively. iPage.com has also worked closely with Google to integrate the industry-leading Google Tools for Websites right into your control panel.

Your iPage control panel provides an easy-to-use, intuitive single point of access for Adwords, your sitemap, site search and more. You can also use your control panel to check site traffic and instantly update your account information.

Customer Support

iPage.com makes a remarkable promise: when you contact their customer service department, they'll put you in touch with an agent within two minutes. iPage offers around the clock support via live chat, phone and e-mail.


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