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iPage Review

Founded by industry veterans, iPage takes a fresh approach to web hosting services, offering a large variety of premium services at reasonable prices.

”Everything web, made easy” is iPage's motto and the company does its best to live up to this. They offer an industry-leading suite of web development tools that will not only help you design and maintain your website, but market it, grow it, and easily expand. Whether you want to blog, post photo galleries, videos or podcasts, you will be supported by your iPage.com services.

Among the many important features iPage promotes, their commitment to security may be among the most important. Subscribers to the iPage.com hosting package receive an exclusive free security suite, to ensure customers and their clients can have full trust in the reliability and stability of every hosted website or e-business. Add in the unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases and the long list of other iPage web hosting features 

iPage Hosting Review

iPage Plans & Pricing (2022)

The web experts at iPage.com have managed to compile an eye-popping list of services and value-added extras and package them neatly into an all-encompassing web hosting package. 

Their services include:

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • SSL Security plans
  • Email Hosting

iPage’s Web Hosting plan provides useful tools that help the user set up their website in minutes, whether they are experts or beginners, and they do so at a very reasonable price.

Web Hosting

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There is currently a single plan for Web Hosting, known as Go Plan, and it offers the user unlimited website hosting and storage, along with a free SSL certificate, free domain for 1 year, free standard email address and free website builder.

WordPress Hosting

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iPage has two very effective WordPress Hosting plans, which offer the user some of the best features to optimize their website: hand-selected themes, pre-installed plugins, and even a fully customized control panel.

  • WP Starter: At just $3.75/month, you can build and/or host your website. You will also get a free SSL certificate and unlimited storage.
  • WP Essential: If your business is getting more and more visitors each day, then WP Essential is best for you. You will get to host unlimited websites, storage and bandwidth. And to make sure your websites are secure, iPage also offers Sitelock security and automatic malware removal.

Website Builder

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With iPage, you can expect to create a fully functioning website in minutes. You don’t need any design or programming skills, you only need to answer a few simple questions, and their AI will choose the right layout, including images and initial content.

At the moment, iPage offers 3 different Website Builder plans:

  • Starter: This is iPage’s free plan, which offers a website of up to 6 pages, at zero cost. This plan includes pre-built sections and page layouts, as well as SEO tools and over 550k images to use.
  • Business: This plan is ideal for small businesses that are getting constant growth. It includes all features from the starter plan, plus analytics integration, unlimited pages on the website and revision history for pages.
  • eCommerce: the eCommerce plan is a great hosting solution for businesses that want to sell their products online. It has all of the features from the other two plans, along with the access to selling products online, inventory management and tracking, PayPal integration and even offers coupon codes and promotions.


Domain Registration

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iPage offers domain registration with some very popular domains such as .com, .org, .info and many others. You need only choose your favorite domain.

Website Security

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Your website will be secure with iPage’s website security services. From daily scans to stop hackers to malware removal, they provide an all-around protection. They offer 3 plans:

  • Essentials: If you are looking for the minimum recommended security for your website, then this plan is more than enough. You will get daily malware scans and removal, blacklist monitoring and automated bot attack block.
  • Prevent: In addition to Essential’s features, you will also be getting database scanning and a faster response time.
  • Prevent Plus: This is their most complete security plan, offering all of the above security features, as well as a continuous malware scan, PCI compliance scans and website CMS vulnerability patching.

Email Google Workspace

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Having an online workspace with many useful software programs is great for any type of business. iPage has a partnership with Google and users can now use Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar at just $6/month.

Marketing Services

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Unlike most of its competitors, iPage has a team of Web Design and Marketing experts that will not only help you build a professionally designed and responsive website but also work on your website’s SEO and other marketing functions to keep your website relevant.

Pros & Cons

There are many advantages and disadvantages to hiring iPage and here are a few of them:


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable with no hidden fees
  • Search engine friendly
  • Fast and safe
  • Fully mobile-responsive
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • High renewal rates
  • Lots of upsells
  • Poor backups


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