Discord Ends Talks With Microsoft Over the $10B Takeover Deal

The popular chat and instant messaging platform Discord was in talks with Microsoft for a potential buyout, although things went south not long ago. 

The original offer said that Microsoft would shell out $10 billion to buy the well-known platform and enhance its influence on the market, placing it alongside its own Skype. Jason Citron, the CEO and co-founder of Discord, didn’t comment at first, but he later shared that “we did receive a lot of offers,” referring to the potential buyout of the platform.

He added, “our business is doing well, and we believe we are positioned to build a next-generation communications service.” Microsoft’s offer was pretty generous, but the talks eventually fell apart as reports came flying in for unexplained reasons.

Discord is currently one of the top communication platforms, and it started as a tool to help connect gamers, gaming communities and developers. Still, many professionals use it for the plethora of features that it comes with. 

The San Francisco-based company claims it has about 150 million active users each month and doesn’t have income from advertising. Its revenue is said to come only from selling subscriptions as part of the premium service that allows users customized profiles and servers as well as higher resolution images and video sharing capabilities.

Discord’s sleek UI and other platform integrations are making it one of the top communication methods among teams, companies and developers and not only gamers and streamers, thus bringing attention from companies like Microsoft.

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