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InterServer offers affordable web hosting services with great performance and products. It provides excellent features, resources, scalability, and safety options from InterServer’s basic plan.

This USA-based web hosting company provides their clients with innovative products and services like shared hosting and cloud hosting, along with the scalability to enhance existing businesses.


  • Around the clock customer support
  • Free website migration
  • Unlimited SSD storage
  • Low renewal rates


  • Doesn’t provide free domain for customers
  • Offers only one data server location

Quick Info

30-day money back guarantee


Free domain


Cloud hosting


Select Services & Pricing

Web Hosting

$2.50 /mo

Dedicated Server Hosting 

$44.00 /mo

Reseller Hosting

$19.95 /mo



InterServer provides solid performance and when put under load the numbers remain the same –  while there are many clients that back up that claim. The infrastructure is one of the most interesting parts that make InterServer a trusted and reliable hosting provider.

Although general loading speed is a critical factor in website success, InterServer does have its moments. The response time is generally lower than expected, a few milliseconds above the market average.



We’ve covered all the popular issues and made very easy to follow instructions so you can get started easily and make all the right choices!




Uptime is another factor that InterServer does well, but not excellent. Clients may observe a few moments of downtime per year, and the overall speed and availability of the website are great.

Testing showed that the InterServer’s uptime is virtually the same as most web hosting providers, making it a solid choice for every new website.


Support Quality


You can contact support through three main methods: email, phone and website chat. There’s also a “messenger” option which refers to a Facebook Messenger chat option. Apart from that, support is great, with no notable issues or problems during communication.

The support is further enhanced by the tutorial section, in which you can find relevant information about WordPress, account basics, backups and plenty of other useful guides and tips.

Live Chat0m 43s
Phone0m 44s

Ease of Use


Having the original cPanel makes InterServer a good option for ease of use. The panel is easily accessible, and there’s a tremendous number of one-click scripts you can use on your hosting plan. 

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or a beginner, you’ll find the web hosting control panel easy to use.



Currently, web hosting on InterServer starts at $2.50 per month for the simple shared hosting plan, while the Boost Web Hosting packages are upgraded, with more I/O resources and speed than the simple shared hosting plans.

InterServer also provides users with dedicated hosting and VPS hosting – even GPU servers and Windows servers that are scalable and fast, covering every use case scenario.



InterServer is a reliable web hosting company that offers customer firewall protection and other security measures for an optimized experience. InterServer offers an on-site data center. Their hands-on involvement in configuring and virtual private server solutions provides their customers with high flexibility and scalability. 

Even though InterServer hosting services are not the cheapest, they’re still affordable, and their comprehensive list of features justifies their prices. They only have one great shared hosting plan that covers most user requirements. 

If you’re new on the web, you can start with shared hosting services and easily upgrade to more advanced and budget-friendly VPS solutions as your online traffic increases.

Get InterServer and get online!

For a competitive price, you get access to fairly good shared web hosting and cloud VPS to get your business to the next level.

Starting from $2.50/mo

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