TMDHosting Highlights

With plenty of favourable reviews on TrustPilot and other online communities, TMDHosting aims to be friendly and supportive to its customers. 

Plans include simple shared hosting in two main flavours: Linux and Windows, with the latter being much more expensive, especially in the cheapest plan. The hosting solutions then expand to WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting to cover the needs of growing businesses and online stores. VPS hosting seals the deal with managed solutions based on Windows or Linux.

While this model has plenty of advantages, during our TMDHosting review, we noticed the host has some tailored solutions depending on the business or use case scenario you’re aiming for. These tailored solutions are just versions of its basic web hosting options, albeit with a friendlier description to make it easier for newcomers to select a hosting plan. 

Adding to its ease of use, the dashboard offers a quick way to maintain and update your account while providing access to the cPanel control panel. Moreover, in certain cases (mostly on Windows-based plans), the host uses Plesk as the web hosting control interface.

Along with freebies like free domain names and SSL certificates, TMDHosting has built a vast list of supporters while keeping performance high for many countries worldwide. Uptime feels a little hit-and-miss, and a few users report downtimes out of the ordinary. Customer support feels responsive and eager to help, which is another reason to consider TMDHosting as your web hosting provider. 


  • Competitive pricing compared to competition
  • Prompt customer service
  • Plenty of web hosting solutions 
  • Server performance is great


  • Pricing almost doubles up on renewals
  • Uptime seems non-dependable in some cases
  • Not the best TTFB times

Quick Info

Money Back GuaranteeYes, 30 days
Uptime Guaranteed, 99.9%
Free domainYes
Free migration Yes


Ready to try TMDHosting?

With all the hosting solutions you might need under the same roof, TMDHosting ensures you get the best prices for the plan you’re after while offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to seal the deal.

Starting from $2.99/mo

TMDHosting's General Performance


Performance is a clear indicator of a web host’s quality of services. As such, in this TMDHosting review, our aim is to test the performance of its web hosting solutions and provide you with actionable feedback and recommendations. 

TMDHosting has six data centre locations spread worldwide – two in Europe, three in Asia and Oceania and one in Chicago, US. It’s important to note that certain products may not be supported by all data centres. For instance, Reseller accounts are not directly supported in Australia, which means users will be connected to the nearest available data centre, such as Singapore.

Generally,  the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) offers great numbers, hovering at the 0.7 to 1.1-second mark, suggesting pretty good loading times in the US or Europe (UK, for instance). Time to First Byte hovers around the 700ms mark, which could be better for people who want close to instant response times from their websites.


TMDHosting’s Uptime Report


Uptime is crucial to a web host’s stability and reliability, ensuring non-stop website availability.

Going over the data for this TMDHosting review, we see fluctuations in our website’s uptime, indicating issues with the host’s networks. While performance is still enough for most use cases, people wanting always-on availability may be a little hesitant to try this host, and that’s evident from the below 99.9% uptime we logged during our TMD web hosting review.

DreamHost - Uptime

TMDHosting's Support Service


Great after-sales support is also quite important for a web host. It can make or break the web host’s reputation, and TMDHosting is performing admirably here. 

The staff is very responsive and reachable on the live chat in just a few minutes . The host’s knowledge base has plenty of information, and we got redirected to this page by the staff many times since it provided great information that answered all our questions.

These were the average support wait/response times encountered during our testing:

Live Chat0m 32s
Phone (Paid)0m 17s

TMDHosting’s Ease of Use


Since it uses both cPanel and Plesk, TMDHosting is a great option for every user. All the options are laid out thoughtfully, and finding something within the dashboards seems like a straightforward process.

cPanel and Plesk work as expected and are just a few clicks away, providing tons of features and functionality for your website. On the other hand, in this TMD web hosting review, we noticed the dashboard is simple and intuitive without having too many options and toggles that might scare off first-time users. 

Becoming a customer is a simple process as well. When you choose your hosting plan, you’re asked to create or transfer your domain name, and then you’re off to the checkout process.

TMDHosting’s Pricing


Let’s talk about pricing. Our thorough TMDHosting review revealed that it offers a shared hosting package that’s competitive with other providers. However, it should be noted that there are some upselling tactics employed when selecting a hosting plan. For example, you may be buying a Domain Privacy add-on with your purchase, boosting the price by $11.99/mo USD.

In this section, we’re checking how the most affordable hosting plans fare out since they’re the ones most people will opt for.

These are the shared hosting prices HostPapa offers to their Australian clients:

  • Starter: Designed for small websites based on Linux, this plan costs $2.99/mo USD and includes one website, 50GB of SSD storage, standard performance, and free SSL certificates. 
  • Business: For $4.99/mo USD, this plan offers everything in Starter, plus unlimited websites, 100GB SSD storage, double the performance of Stater, and 30 days worth of backup copies of your website.
  • Enterprise: With enhanced speeds, Enterprise sells for $8.99/mo USD. This plan supports unlimited websites too, but comes with unlimited SSD storage too, and four times the performance of Starter.

Ready to try TMDHosting?

With all the hosting solutions you might need under the same roof, TMDHosting ensures you get the best prices for the plan you’re after while offering a 30-day money-back guarantee to seal the deal.

Starting from $2.99/mo

Our Verdict


TMDHosting offers a comprehensive hosting solution with an array of plans to suit various needs. Its competitive pricing, responsive customer support, and user-friendly interfaces make it a strong contender in the hosting market. 

Performance-wise, we see in this TMD web hosting review that it delivers on several fronts. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) times indicate impressive loading speeds, but Time to First Byte (TTFB), which hovers at around 700ms, could be optimized for those seeking near-instant website responsiveness. 

The host has garnered favourable reviews on platforms like TrustPilot, reflecting its commitment to satisfying its customers. Our TMDHosting review also exhibited a great ease of use at all times. The server options offered by the host cater to both experienced and novice customers, with choices available for Linux and Windows.

However, potential customers should be aware of the pricing dynamics and occasional uptime issues. TMDHosting is a reliable choice for many, but weighing the pros and cons based on your specific requirements is essential before making this choice.


When determining the best web hosting providers, we take into account multiple factors like user reviews, the web host performance, value for money and customer support.


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