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By having optimized cloud computing servers for every price segment, Vultr stands behind the platform’s ease of use while also boasting high-performance infrastructure. Their 30 data centre locations offer the same amount of availability worldwide.

All in all, Vultr takes cloud computing to the next level, and its servers are compatible with many operating systems and platforms on top, like WordPress, eCommerce applications, and the list goes on.

While more expensive than simple shared hosting, their entry-level packages have almost the same features as one, making them a more business-oriented hosting provider. But, regarding other cloud hosts, Vultr has competitive pricing overall.


  • Competitive pricing for cloud hosting
  • Excellent server management
  • Fast servers
  • Load balancing options
  • Plenty of dedicated server options


  • Few, business-oriented plans
  • Average customer support
  • Mediocre plan features

Quick Info

Uptime guarantee


Multiple OS support


Dedicated servers


Select Services & Pricing

Cloud hosting

$5 /mo

Optimized cloud hosting

$30 /mo

Bare metal servers

$5.000 /mo



This area finds Vultr with an advantage. Speed and overall performance are great thanks to the cloud computing servers in 30 different locations worldwide. Vultr’s most affordable hosting plan runs on virtual machines, but this still isn’t enough to hinder performance.

The performance runs from the most cutting-edge infrastructure, including powerful Intel-based servers and Nvidia GPUs to support every business model.

Vultr - Bare Metal Server Options


We’ve covered all the popular issues and made very easy to follow instructions so you can get started easily and make all the right choices!




While there are users reporting slight downtime, Vultr offers an uptime guarantee that can reach 100% in many cases.

Vultr’s network is balanced, meaning that outages won’t block the connection to the database. Instead, you’ll be connected to the nearest data centre to continue working where you left off.

Vultr - Deploy Globally

Support Quality


Numerous reports suggest that customer support could be better, but there are plenty of users that had no issues when contacting Vultr’s support team.

The company also keeps a thorough knowledge base with informative and helpful documentation on server and account setup, all the way to installing a custom ISO image on the server.

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Ease of Use


The control panel has numerous features and is generally easy to work with. There are plenty of features and APIs to work with, and one-click installers of the most popular software, including WordPress, Drupal, MediaWiki, Joomla, and PrestaShop, among others.

And while it’s mostly for businesses and web developers, Vultr’s dashboard is easy to use, making it effortless even for inexperienced users looking to start their own website.

But, since Vultr doesn’t provide domain names directly, you need to point the server to your domain – which means you need to follow a specific procedure to make it happen. Usually, this is easy to go through, although it might be challenging for newcomers to the world of web hosting.



The simplest way to start is with the Cloud Compute hosting plan, where you get 1 virtual CPU and 25GB of SSD storage for $5 per month. While it’s not a bargain in terms of price, it’s a generally affordable cloud hosting service, which can be easily scaled depending on the users’ requirements.

Optimized clouds take it one step further by offering more resources that are more suited for heavier workloads like eCommerce, game servers, audio and video streaming and many more. These start at $30 per month and can cost anywhere from $60 to $3.840 per month.



Vultr is a nice addition to the world of cloud computing hosts, and it definitely attracts attention with its carefully designed control panel, server management and feature set. Although it can get more expensive than shared hosting services, the hosting plans offer a good price-to-performance ratio.

Server performance is good, with servers scattered worldwide and offering good performance no matter your location. The lack of genuinely affordable options positions Vultr among the cloud hosting providers, but its pricing remains competitive regardless of which plan you choose.

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Investing heavily in professional hosting services, Vultr has tremendous cloud options that all business owners crave for. Apart from cloud computing, Vultr comes with bare metal servers covering lots of use case scenarios.

Starting from $5/mo

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