Common Technical Issues on Wix and How to Fix Them

Wix is a viral, user-friendly, cloud-based website builder that hosts thousands of websites worldwide. The continued popularity and usage have made Wix not just “another website builder” but one of the most noteworthy ones when starting your online journey, having no prior knowledge of website development or web design.

This web-building platform follows the ease of use of other software like WordPress, albeit it’s open source. The website builder also has a freemium subscription, which means everyone can create their first website for free. A famous software doesn’t mean it’s problem-free, and issues might occur regularly.

In this Hosting Review guide, we’ll run through some common Wix technical issues and show you some ways to get around them.

Note Before You Start: Update Your Internet Browser

Sometimes, problems might happen with outdated software, and with Wix being entirely hosted on the cloud, your internet browser is the piece of software you use to access your Wix website.

Error messages like the ones you’ll see below might happen from an unstable internet connection and from keeping an outdated browser version. So before you start troubleshooting a browser-related issue, we recommend updating your browser and using a stable internet connection.

Wix Editor Won’t Work on Google Chrome

According to official stats, Google Chrome is the most popular browser on the market, with a share of 65.5%. That also means there’s a higher chance that Wix users will struggle with issues of every kind with their browsers and their live site.

If your Wix editor isn’t working on Chrome, try the following:

  • Ensure you’re on a stable internet connection
  • Clear your Chrome cache
  • Open Wix editor on another browser
  • Open Wix editor using Incognito mode

Wix Login Issues

When logging into your Wix account, you might experience one of these common issues:

  • Forgotten password: If you’ve forgotten your password, go to the login page and click the “forgot password” option. Follow the instructions to receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Can’t access email account: If you can’t access your email account, try using the other information on your account, like your Recovery Phone Number. If you don’t have that information on your Wix account, you’ll need to fill out the ownership verification form described in detail on the Wix website.

My Wix Site Doesn’t Save Changes

There are two main reasons why your Wix editor page won’t save your changes. You can verify progress by reviewing your Site History for information and restoring any older version of your content if the problems persist.

More than one opened editor tab can interfere with each other, causing a session time-out, or as it’s known to Wix, Error 15. Before contacting Wix support regarding this, you might want to check if you have more than one editor tab open. If so, keep the older tab open, and apply any unsaved changes.

Lastly, if you manage more than one Wix site, ensure you’re logged out before editing the other. Error 17, for example, is displayed when you’re trying to save changes while logged in to another account.

Error 502 (Bad Gateway)

This HTTP status code indicates that the server did not receive a valid request from another server. You can try to reload the tab, re-open it, and clear your browser cache before trying again. If the problem persists, contact Wix support.

Error 500 (Internal server error)

These error codes generally indicate issues with the server and cannot be resolved from the users’ end. Wix support is your best bet, as it might be a temporary server problem that will be fixed in minutes.

Error 404 Not Found

One of the most “classic” errors might appear on Wix, too. Generally, these are triggered after clicking on a broken link, while others might encounter it while logging out of their Wix account. Often these HTTP errors occur when there’s no website available at the URL entered.

Error 403 (Forbidden)

This error 403 indicates you don’t have permission to view this link. Wix error 403 appears when a user attempts to access an incorrect URL, so ensure that your URL is correct and reload the page, or use the back button to go to the previous page.

If you see this error message on Google Search Console, ensure you’re not trying to access a protected page. Pages protected with a password or other means can’t be crawled or accessed through Google Search Console.

Error 401 (Unauthorized)

The error 401 appears because you first must log in to access that page. One possible cause for this error is that you’re no longer logged in to your account, or that page needs a valid user ID and password to open.

Open a new browser tab, log into your Wix account, reload the page with the 401 error, and see if that fixes the issue.

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